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3/29/14 6:16 AM
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donkypunch55 -
Brian Rule - You guys can nitpick this study all you want yet the elephant remains in the room, and you don't want to admit it. Yes, because this is fighting of course people are going to suffer a degree of trauma, however it's extremely important to limit that trauma to what's justified and what is fair.

NO fighter deserves to be pummeled while already unconscious. The moment a fighter becomes unconscious the fight should immediately stop so that both fighters can begin to receive medical attention. With every stoppage, the KO'd fighter, his family – anyone who gives a shit about him as a person – should see this happen and happen as quick as possible. We should want the statistic of 2.6 strikes after KO strike to be 0. Whether that will ever happen is another issue, but it's far too high as is.

So who needs to do a better job? The fighter doing the KO-ing should stop attacking. The ref needs to be better skilled at recognizing the KO and stopping the action. The promotion needs to better address blatant attacks on unconscious fighters.

For example, as much as I love and admire Dan Henderson, he should've been punished in some way for the leaping shot landed on Bisping. He knew better, as he's admitted to knowing Bisping was out before leaping in, yet the UFC has embraced the moment, using it in countless promos, highlights, etc, and most every fan in turn doesn't think twice about how fucked up it is. This sort of strikes often happen in fights, and it's no surprise. My beef is less against Dan here than it is with the lack of precedent curbing post-KO attacks.

In the end, Dana can talk all he wants about how much he cares for his fighters, but until he does something about post-KO attacks – something so obviously wrong and uncaring on every level – everything he says will be vapid spoken words. No amount of rhetoric or chest-puffing will change this
Fuck that's a damn good post.

Vu Phone Post 3.0
Not at all Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 9:13 PM
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CDarwin - 

Regardless how dangerous MMA is or if the study itself is flawed, the most moronic thing about it is the comparisons imo.

You get 2.2 concussion in 100 hockey "exposures" and 6.4 for MMA?. The thing is each hockey team plays 80+ games per season. 

That means each hockey player  in the NHL is ten times as exposed to concussions per year compared to fighters in the UFC.


Pro hockey players don't practice by hitting each other in the head. You have to total up how many sparring sessions an MMA fighter has in a year and add that to their fight total. People in denial can spin it anyway they want, but CTE will show itself to be prevalent as the sport ages.
3/29/14 11:02 PM
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I think cte is real. I also think this "study" is amazingly foolish. I know i'm taking blows to the head. I try to do it in a safe way. I believe i'm healthier now than I would be if I still had my desk job and was forty pounds overweight. I would appreciate a real study, and not this sensational bullshit. If the author doesn't understand his subject he should be obligated to either learn more about it or pick another topic. Phone Post 3.0

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