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Revgear League BJJGround >> Anyone else reading Choque by Roberto Pedreira?

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8/7/14 6:23 PM
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Sir Taps
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I really enjoyed it. Heavy going at times, but really makes you realise that most of what we know as the history of BJJ is incorrect. For example, BJJ Library just put out a video with Fabio Santos, where he talks about the Gracies putting up a ring in the centre of town, and challenging people, and you realise that wasn't true. There were plenty of public demonstrations, but these stories that were told to Fabio when he was starting BJJ simply didn't happen in the way that all of us, even figures like Fabio, have been lead to believe.

And Oswald and George sound like they were awesome dudes. Carlos was a master manipulator who didn't win anything, and Helio stuck to his guns and refused to do worked matches.

8/8/14 2:21 AM
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ChipW -
sosy1325 - Some interesting take aways for me so far:

The late 19th/early 20th century fight scene in Brazil was more WWF than UFC in many ways.

Every fighter was seemingly a champion of something or somewhere ("luta-livre champion of Minas Gerais, jiu jitsu champion of Rio, boxing champion of New York" etc.).

Many of the fights ended in draws or had confusing or misunderstood rules.

Yeah, I was surprised by a lot of the same stuff.
I had this romanticized notion that all the fights were "vale Tudo" style and similar to pride or something. I don't know why I thought that, I just did.
The reality, based on those news paper clippings, was quite a bit different Phone Post 3.0
It was a similar thing with bareknuckle boxing back in the day.
Boxing legends from then have like 132-34-20 records but if you look at their records (think the website is cyberboxingzone.com or something) you see that 70% of their fights were exhibition type bouts against the same 1-2 guys.

Pretty much all combat sports were closer to WWE back then. Phone Post 3.0


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