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Scott Sonnon >> AK application

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4/27/02 2:46 PM
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Scott, today I was rolling with a couple of my students. One guy is a local LEO. After class he asked if we could cover some "street" situations. I asked him specifically what he needed and he related an incident the previous evening where he had the subject on the ground with knee on belly and couldn't get him to a cuffed position (passive resistance). I told him about AK and the concepts of attacking intent throught resp. control and hyperfunction of joints (he is familiar with bjj subs, but not hyperfunction usage of same). We recreated the event and applied the formulas. Worked like a charm! There was a lot of grunting, groaning and moaning but it was really an eye opener (it is "rougher" than usual bjj rolling). I would bounce on him if I heard him breath and he would gasp then almost panic from lack of resp. This of course made it easy to use "tipping" and "winging" to move him via hyperfunction. Total time training this prior? Zero! Worked first time, every time. We got more and more aggressive with resistance and it worked better the harder we resisted. Cool stuff! GREAT for LEO application. Thanks. Bruce
4/28/02 11:27 AM
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Bruce, please continue to share your experiences. This as an excellent example.

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