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Scott Sonnon >> GPP and "Second Wind"

8/6/03 10:25 PM
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I also posted this on another message boards. I train in BJJ and for the last year and a half I have been trying to increase my GPP and doing all I can to increase my wind and endurance so I wouldn't get tired on the mat when sparring. My training consisted of KB circuits mixed with BWE, sprints, and sometimes sand bags for rounds. I also did a lot of workouts like the ones that Steve Maxwell posts and coach Davies 8 minutes of hell. But no matter how much GPP work I did I would always manage to get tired on the mat. So I just kept trying to do more GPP work. Then last month I get my copy of Body Flow and I read the chapter on second wind. Coach Sonnon says that when you start to feel tired then just push harder and move more and eventually your body will give you a "second wind" So I go to class and try it. I roll for about 3 minutes hard and then I'm gassed and my muscles are tired. But this this time I don't stop and try to catch my breath and let my muscle recover a little like I usually do. I just keep pushing and keep moving. It was very unfortable at first but then all of the sudden it was just as coach Sonnon said, I got this burst of energy that came from nowhere and I felt great. So this passed month I did an experiment to see how far second wind alone would take me if I stopped doing GPP work. Guess what, I haven't been tired on the mat since and when I do start to feel tired I keep moving untill the second wind kicks in. So my question is how important is GPP? How much GPP do I really need? Can I just stop doing GPP completly and just push harder when I start to feel tired, and just rely on the second wind?
8/7/03 9:24 AM
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