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1/17/04 2:56 PM
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Perry H
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Edited: 17-Jan-04
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I have a friend that lives in Maceio, Brazil and I have a friend in Bangkok, Thailand. They both want me to stay a while in their city. I'd like to stay a month, or as long as I can. I'm doing online stuff right now and I could teach english on the side so the work thing is taken care of. I'm just wondering what you think is a better place to live? Please give me the pro's and con's of each city. thanks, Perry
3/25/04 8:46 AM
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Edited: 25-Mar-04
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I can only speak for Bangkok, Thailand: It is polluted, crowded, dirty, and hella noisy. My first three weeks there, I could only think about leaving there. This, it turns out, was my problem. I was staying in Banglampu near Khao San, and that was imposing serious limitations on my experience. Once I branched out beyond the North West, my experience improved significantly. If I had to stay there again, living in the South East, near Lumpinin park, wouldn't be that bad at all. The park is nice, and it is on the skyline. I lived in Chiang Mai, and Bangkok was often times extremely too much, but if you go in prepared, there shouldn't be any problems. Learn Thai as quickly as possibly to avoid the cracker tax, and you should be fine.
9/28/09 6:12 PM
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OctaviousBP, you'r experience is pretty much the same as mine. My wife is from Bangkok so we stay there alot and although there is alot of history and culture to see there, it will wear you down fast, get away from there when you can. Also learning Thai goes a long way, even if you butcher it no one flips you shit like they would in America, they just smile and work through it. The cracker tax pisses me off, I understand that we have more so okay we should pay more, but my wife is half Chinese so she is light skinned and looks more Japanese, they give her a hard time. She speaks the language fluently and has Thai I.D. it still turns into a hassle.

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