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1/26/04 3:01 PM
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Sha Bi
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I imagine there must be some Sumo fans here. I was wondering if anybody got to see Asashoryu win his zensho-yusho. Quite impressive. I hope Kotomitsuki keeps up the good perfomances and I hope we see some good young rikishi that can challenge for a second Yokozuna promotion. Right now Asashoryu is embarrasing everybody. Anybody get the chance to go to the stadium to watch? How were the crowds?
1/27/04 8:20 PM
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Kotomitsuki was tossed like a rag doll by Asashoryu. Most of my Japanese friends don't like Asashoryu. Asashoryu has the classic arrogant demeamer of the best Yokozuna of years gone by and the all don't argue moves to back it up. He doesn't get the kudos from the media maybe he deserves. Would it be different if he was Japanese? I'm impressed by how much his Japanese is improving. And like a true Sumo stayer his moves off the pit are equally tenacious. Goes hard!!

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