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Roy Harris >> having difficulty w/ wrestler

3/20/04 7:35 PM
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Hi Roy, I posted this on the BJJ forum, and they recommended I post it on yours. I'm having difficulties when I roll with a particular wrestler. He's my size, yet he's a lot stronger and moves very very explosively. When he is in my guard, he gives me a hard time. And when I'm on top, he bridges and explodes hard onto his knees. This is where I'm able to catch him. However, this scrambling isn't really my game and would rather beat him positionally, particularly from the guard. So my question is this. Since I'm having difficulties with this guy in my full/close and butterfly guard, do you recommend I adapt a half guard? Are there any tips or insights you could provide me when being on the bottom agaisnt these wrestlers with such tremendous speed and base? Anything would be appreciated. Thank you Roy.
3/20/04 9:52 PM
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Roy Harris
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Edited: 20-Mar-04
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bounce, My full answer will be listed on RoyHarris.com on Monday, March 22 in the BJJ Q&A section. However, here is an abbreviated answer: To effectively use your guard against an experienced wrestler, you will have to have a full and aggressive command of the following: 1. Closed guard control. 2. Open guard control. 3. Half guard control. 4. Effective side mount escapes. 5. Great timing. 6. A good amount of endurance. 7. Solid Greco-Roman skills. 8. Solid triangle mechanics. 9. Solid bent arm lock mechanics. 10. Solid sweeps. Now, in addition to the above, you will also need to keep his head down, keep an arm entangled, keep him off-balanced, AND be able to perform all three of these at the same time! The last thing that you will need to accomplish, which is extremely difficult, is to keep him active. In other words, keep him actively trying to pass your guard. If you allow him to stick his head in your chest and squeeze his elbows into your hips (like Ken Shamrock did with Royce Gracie), you will have a stalemate on your hands most of the time. Sometimes you may have to prod him when he stalls by saying, "What's that technique called in wrestling?" or, "Is that the famous wrestling technique called 'Ostrich sticks his head in the sand?" Get him to try and pass your guard. The bottom line when grappling against wrestler is this: In order to gain an advantage over them, you are going to need to be active and aggressive! Press the issue. Attack his balance, and then his arms and then his neck and then go back to balance. Good training to you, Roy Harris pfs@sprintmail.com

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