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3/22/04 1:09 AM
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Tony Blauer
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Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.
Heading to Vegas next week, two seminars, meetings with UFC, several fighters and of course the UFC. COMBATIVES & DT TRAINERS UPDATE FROM BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS. We recently returned from Puerto Rico where we put on 2 courses back to back, our OFFICER SURVIVAL and SPEAR SYSTEM INSTRUCTOR programs.  The course was sponsored by the U.S. Army MP training unit at Ft. Buchanan and was attended by Army MP combatives & DT instructors as well as elements of San Juan SWAT and other ERTs.  We also just completed a SPEAR SYSTEM instructor course for FLETC in Glynco, Georgia, hosted by FPS.  In attendance were trainers from the U.S. Marshal Services, Federal Protective Services, IRSCI, and Border Patrol.   If you would like a FREE Video CD of our HIGH GEAR suit, an LETN feature on our SPEAR SYSTEM , please email marc@tonyblauer.com with your agency or unit contact info & mailing address and he'll get this package out to you ASAP. We have a martial art version of the VCD, so if youre not LEO/mil you can still get the VCD minus some of the LEO info. COMING SOON!!   Special Tactical Strength & conditioning camp featuring[ http:// www.dragondoor.com/b28.html ]Pavel Tsatsouline & Tony Blauer in August 2004. Details in upcoming issue.   BULLET PROOF MIND & SPEAR SYSTEM SURVIVAL WEEKEND seminars with [ http://www.killology.com/ ]Lt.Col. Dave Grossman  & Tony Blauer.  Details in upcoming issues of SPEARtips. QUICK HIT NEW SEMINARS AT-A-GLANCE!   2-Day SPEAR System & Ground combatives LAS VEGAS METROPOLITAN POLICE 1-Day OPEN PDR seminar in Washington State 1-Day BMF Simulation Trainer seminar in Seattle, CJTC 3-Day SPEAR Applications for the Gunfight: Ft Bragg 5-Day SPEAR System Instructor course in San Antonio Email marc@tonyblauer.com for registration information. DO YOU RECEIVE OUR NEWSLETTER? To save you time & energy while reviewing our updates I've built all the info into a separate website that hosts our E-updates. This way you can read it in full color with pictures and text. To view SPEARtips, cut & paste this link into your browser: www.imakenews.com/blauertactical Remember, if you want to receive SPEARtips monthly, you must add your email in the subscription box. AT-A-GLANCE UPDATE: In the current issue of SPEARtips we have some awesome explosive pictures of our recent Advanced Scenario certification called BALLISTIC MICRO-FIGHTS. YOU'LL ALSO READ ABOUT: Registration information for our ANNUAL COMBATIVES TRAINING CAMP IN NEW YORK With Special Guest: Barry Eisler, author of the [ http:// www.barryeisler.com/ ]John Rain series   SPEED, SPONTANEITY, SUDDENNESS Develop Creature from Alien intensity with the RANGE ROVER drill: Review & FREE video offer. FORCE-ON-FORCE TRAINING IN HIGH GEAR Several Pictures & comments from our recent BMF Train-the-Trainer course. FEEDBACK FROM COCKPIT DEFENSE COURSE Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of ON KILLING, is a world-renowned author and motivational speaker. He recently attended a Blauer designed SPEAR System program created specifically for Federal Express pilots. Mr. Grossman shares his thoughts on the course and the FedEx team. HOW TO PICK A MARTIAL STYLE Each issue Mr. Blauer will answer readers questions on a variety of training themes. This issue the topic is 'picking a style' to train in. THE PHD FOR THE PROFESSIONAL You're a BlackBelt? You teach self-defense? DT? Where do you go for continuing education? Professionals like Doctors, Psychologists, Law Enforcement officials and more attend advanced training sessions to stay current, motivated and sharp. Where do self-defense instructors go? Stay safe, Tony Blauer President Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.

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