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4/20/04 7:43 PM
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Edited: 20-Apr-04
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just got accepted into the honors program as a freshman, even though i'm a transfer. this is really only significant because i thought i had a snowball's chance in hell of making the program EVER, let alone the 4 year program. My best hope was the junior-senior program, which doesn't look as good (i want to go to gradschool)and i didn't even know if i'd make that. not to mention a 2.0 high school GPA, no special projects, i didn't take the ACT or SAT, my transfer GPA is 2.75, etc etc... i'm not trying to brag (yes i am), i'm just shocked that they even let me in. I got into the program via an interview, just out of nowhere. any advice for philosophy majors? what the hell is a philosophy honors thesis like? how can i convince them to send me to amsterdam for my junior year honors study abroad?

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