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4/25/04 3:02 PM
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Sha Bi
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I know he lost. I know he didn't deserve to be in the Grand Prix (nor did Silva). However, he seems to be a good guy who tried hard to get ready in a very short time for a sport new to him. Here is a guy that was one of the first Americans in professional Sumo and undoubtedly went through hell to succeed there. He fought hard for years in the sport, making the top division (Makuuchi) for a short-period of time. Sumo wrestlers, except for the top guys, don't make a whole lot of money. After 15 years (or so) in the sport, I doubt he has much to show for it. Instead of taking an office job back in the States, he decides to start anew in one of the toughest sports on earth - MMA. He has been working-out at the Takada Dojo for a few months only, and then was thrust into the toughest tourament in the history of MMA, albeit against another beginner. Sure, the matchup should have been an undercard match for the casual Japanese fan, not part of the Grand Prix. But you can't blame Miller, nor Silva, for accepting the offer from Pride. They both are fully aware how overmatched they will be against the top fighters. It takes no small measure of courage to step in that ring. I hope that Sentoryu works hard on his conditioning and training for the next 6 months or so, and can return to the Pride ring in a similar roll that Takayama and Otsuka play: that of an entertaining fighter in the ring not as a contender to the crown, but to put on an entertaining matchup for the crowd. Good luck to him. Cheer for the underdog! p.s. I posted here hoping to avoid the hate that often spews forth on the UG. For sport (MMA) that is so misunderstood by the mainstream press, the fans express an equally ignorant attitude toward Sumo.

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