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6/8/04 7:19 PM
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My brother and my fiancee' attended your seminar in Seattle and really enjoyed it. She had no prior training, but didn't feel intimidated or put off by anything. This is a testament to your teaching skill. I have hesitated to recommend any seminar if I wouldn't be there to help her out, but I knew she would have a good experience with you. I'm glad they had the opportunity to train with you. Regards, Jarlo Ilano
6/9/04 2:27 PM
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Thanks Coach for a great seminar. Coach Blauer was at the Ohana Martial Arts Academy in Chehalis, WA (South of Seattle) Saturday June 5th. There were 28 people from all over Oregon and Washington at the seminar. There were people with no martial art experience to people with 30 plus years of experience. There were civilians, firefighters, and police officers in attendance. Coach Blauer covered SPEAR fundamentals and PDR concepts. Everyone, no matter his or her experience or occupation, took away very valuable information on real self-protection. They took away information that they could start using when they walked out the door (how many seminars offer that?). One young lady asked Coach early in the seminar if the SPEAR would really work for someone her size. I made a point of asking her at the end of the seminar if she thought it would work. She got the biggest smile on her face and said “yes!” “I have been going to a lot of seminars the last couple of years, this is by far the best seminar I have been to!” Alan from Sandy, OR. You can study the videos and audios (and I encourage everyone to do that) but there is nothing like being coached by The Coach. Coach is extremely busy, but if you plan far enough in advance you can book him at your school. Thank you also to Tina Graham for helping make this seminar happen. Thank you to all the participants, without you the seminar would not have been possible! With Safety In Mind, Rob Gebhart PDR Team
6/10/04 2:22 PM
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Tony Blauer
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Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.
Thanks Jarlo, thats a very nice thing to say. ROb, thnak you for your hospitality and organiztion of the session. I had a great time. TOny

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