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5/27/11 12:31 PM
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check out Stefan Molyneux
8/5/12 11:54 AM
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Yes, if you look at her writings rather than listen to her interviews. Galt's gulch is a good example of a perfect, non-coercive (anarchistic) existence.

She is a good starting point for understanding individual freedom and who society depends on.
1/28/13 3:03 PM
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Live for yourself, fuck the Gods and fuck Caesar; in short, I am a fan of Ayn Rand. Below is my quick overview.

Rand was an ambitious free spirit who was way ahead of her time. She wrote about huge concepts that directly attacked the two most dominate structures in society, the church and the state. As well, her ideas also challenge the modern Left ‘liberal’ and Right ‘conservative’ political values. She really did rage against the machine, and because of it, they disregarded or shut her out completely. IMO that’s why she never gained traction with the main stream. The main stream doesn’t want free thinking, rational citizens. She spoke about topics and dangers that were just surfacing in America and 99% hidden from regular people. In the 1930-60 it wasn’t apparent, but today the threats are much clearer.

She fought ferociously for the freedom of the individual and principal of MAN being sovereign over his own life. You do not owe your life to a higher being, you do not owe your life to the state. The church will damn you to eternal hellfire you don’t submit your soul to them, the state calls you treacherous & unpatriotic of you don’t goose step to their whims. Both of these power structures use guilt, emotionalism and at the very end of the day, physical harm, for control and to place limits on what a MAN can be. Rand wants people break away from the limited paradigm traditional church/state places on man and for us to live happy lives where we can accomplish the biggest, boldest and best ideas we can think of. She wants no limit on human potential as long as you do not harm other people who are on their own path towards thinking individualism. She wants people to use their senses and think for them selves. Gain your knowledge & understanding of the world through your direct observations and experiences.

If you follow her, Rand makes things so black and white that when you stop and think about your daily decisions & manners, her objectivism is really put into action. IMO most other philosophers are all talk and theory, not so with Rand. Its philosophy taking shape that can be applied everywhere.

FN wants society to focus their efforts on a few individuals who can raise its culture, Rand does not agree with this sacrifice. She believes that if left alone, individuals can raise culture themselves. A man should not sacrifice himself and live for the benefit of another man. Mutual exchange is fine; and when all is in harmony no exploitation takes place. It’s being forced into anything she does not agree with.

Rand falls short in a few areas, mainly putting her ideas of limited government into action. The problem is mainly because the government has intrusively pushed itself into almost every facet of our lives and I believe this it not by mistake. Most people can not see the forest because of the trees, and think that we need the government everywhere all the time for everything. It is my opinion that the government purposely over regulates and controls our lives so we are brainwashed into believing that without them everything would all of a sudden fall apart. Yes, society is complex, but it runs because of individuals making their own choices, not because of an all seeing, all wise mystical bureaucracy. Anyway, Rand did not write extensively on it, Leonard Peikoff picked up where she left out.

Don’t be fooled by anarchy or libertarians, she did not endorse either. She was a market oriented, classical liberal who had honest principals. Her ideas have merit and she is worth studying.
7/29/13 5:22 PM
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Voluntaryist - check out Stefan Molyneux


Stefan and Joe Rogan are hooking up soon for a podcast!

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