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6/25/04 7:18 PM
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Hi all, I am curious to know how Japanese names work. I see Japanese names consisting of only Kanji and ones which have both kanji and hiragana. I also notice that there are common names (equivalent to Peter, John, etc in english?) like Kenji, Akira, Tetsuo, etc. But often I would also hear or see names that are quite unique. Can one tell between Japanese names from Chinese and Korean names if a name is all in Kanji and consist of three characters? Most of the time it will be obvious to tell because some family names are very Chinese or Korean but there are some family names which Japanese also use, eg. Lin (Chinese) = Hayashi (Japanese) which means forest. This also happens to be my family name and I'm Chinese. Using Japanese pronunciation, my name is Hayashi Yuken. Can a Japanese tell from my name whether I am Japanese or Chinese? I will be going to Japan for a couple of days. Should I introduce myself using my english name or my Chinese name in Japanese pronunciation? Thanks all for any help!
6/30/04 9:06 AM
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There are some confusing names.

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