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7/1/04 10:20 PM
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Edited: 02-Jul-04 01:09 AM
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in yalls opinion is Liberal Arts a successfull stand alone major? im thinking about getting into it..maybe a minor in speech and comm. and a major in advertising/marketing/counseling or something along those lines do you think i would be successfull, or do you think id need to do something in Liberal Arts and then take more business related courses afterwards? i have no idea what to do and college is scaring hte hell out of me..so if this is a stupid question..im sorry... im just looking for a degree that deals with alot of bullshitting and talking to people - any ideas? edited to make it..easier to read
7/2/04 11:38 PM
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Edited: 02-Jul-04
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Liberal arts is just like general studies. If you're just smart enough to be in college but not smart enough to actually complete a major or finish upper level classes this is your only option. It certain isnt going to impress anyone or prepare you very well. Being successfull is a matter of applying yourself. There isnt a set forumula because different people want different things. Business calles are overrated in my opinion. If you dont already have a mind for business a few classes wont change that. Just learn how to communicate thats the only important thing.
7/8/04 10:58 AM
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Edited: 08-Jul-04
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Liberal Arts is great if you go to a Liberal Arts college. There are very few that have that kind of Academic weight thought. Talking about Amherst, Williams, and Wesleyan type schools.

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