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7/26/04 12:33 PM
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I thought of this when I read the article about school being a waste of time (The one Buddhadev posted). I concur it was interesting but I think a little misguided. My students complained last year that they were being too spoon fed - and I agreed but that was the curriculum I was given. Anyway I thought okay I'll give you something you need to think about. So I gave a two hour lecture on Artificial Intelligence using gedanken experiments etc. Did they do any independent reading? Did they have an opinion? Or did they whinge about not having spoon fed notes and that it was too complicated? Students walk around this university as consumers thinking they can call the shots. What amazes me is that God forbid they are expected to have any accountability. If you ask me the structure of the education system is not disciplined. Students need responsibilty, and if you are bored then you are just lazy. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, if not the best thing. Libraries give me a chubby. Why do we convene on this forum? It is rewarding to engage in debates to issue which hold importance for us. Whether it is to share information about how disarticulate someone or sports - doesn't matter, but it does matter to have an opinion.
8/1/04 3:58 PM
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