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8/29/04 8:42 AM
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He all. Havent been out fishing much since Charely Hit us but did go out yesterday and fished a tournament called the summerslam. We had to catch 2 reds, 2 trout, 2 snapper take pics of them on a tournament ruler and give the camera and score cared back at the weigh for a final tally. There was also a Hooters redfish calcutta that you had to weigh in 2 legal size reds and the winner got 5000. Our main goal was to win the 5000. Also depending on the size reds we got that would let us know if we should even bother trying to catch the other fish. In years past you would need 125" to win money in the inches tournament. So you pretty much need 60" of reds to get in the money. Well we had 56" so didnt bother, this was a bad move because the score were bad this year!! Only needed 112 to get in the money!! Damn, we blew it! We did at least get 3rd in the hooters redfish calcutta. Our 2 reds weighed in at 14.10 lbs, 14.20 got second and 14.45 won the big money. We won 1000 though so thats better than nothing. We also won 300 for redfish with most spots, it had 16! Anyway it was nice to be out on the water. It was beautiful out but the mangrove islands are destroyed from the hurricane. Its really depressing to see this islands flatened, most of the trees are broken in half and have no leaves left on them. It looks like we have a real winter here or something...

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