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9/11/04 8:20 PM
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Sean Mulligan
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Please remember the significance of this day, as it has changed and redefined both terrorism and security as we knew it. Remember those whose lives were lost during the initial attacks and those demonstrating true heroism, risking there's to save strangers in need. Remember those who chose to fight in honour of the fallen and continue to risk their lives everyday on unfamiliar soil so that we may continue to live our lives out of the shadows of terror. Please don't forget... Sean
9/12/04 10:24 AM
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Tony Blauer
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Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.
Thanks for the post Sean... You're a police officer and your connection to this is far more realistic than most others.... most others.... would 'rather' forget (leave it behind) but that is part of why this was able to occur in the first place: complacency, denial, presumed compliance.... if we forget about this...it will happen again...look at Madrid train bombing or the most recent event in Russia...its out there, worse than ever. Fortunately Sept 11 is also one of my daughters birthdays and so I spend that day celebrating... Ironically I also flew to Fayetteville, North Carolina, yesterday. I can tell you this, the airports were very empty...I guess frequent flyers remember. :-( Support our, cops, FBI, all troops, spies, spy culture, and anything else that DETECTS, DEFUSES, & DEFENDS us all. Thanks for the reminder Sean. Tony

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