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9/19/04 9:18 PM
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This list has been requested off and on for quite a while. I came across it and hope to keep it active and then in the archives. I'd also like to add: Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore and Inner Tennis, Playing the Game by Timothy Gallowey ...as they are two of my all time favorites and it would just be plain weird to add them after I post this ;-) Enjoy: Tony Blauer Reading list: Gift of Fear Feel the Fear & DO it Anyway The Power of One Living the Martial Way Musashi: The Novel The Dragon Doesn't Live Hear Anymore Patton The Drama of the Gifted Child Prodigal Soldier Killing Zone The Patton Papers Commandos The Making of a Martial Artist Marine Zen & Japanese Culture Childhood's End Three Pillars of Zen The Way of the Peaceful Warrior Ender's Game The Mind of a Serial Killer The Thin Grey Line Anatomy of Courage Kazan: A Life The Life & Times of Albert Einstein You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought Seeds of Greatness Sharpening the Warrior's Edge Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Unlimited Power The Martial Reader Ali Colin Powel's Autobiography
9/24/04 7:46 PM
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Tony Blauer
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Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.
Thanks Phil :-)
10/11/04 11:08 PM
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Didn't Tony quote Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter in one of the video or audio tapes? I read that after hearing the quote, that was an awesome series of books. Great example of warrior attitude.
10/12/04 7:57 AM
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Sean Mulligan
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He's actually read all of the books from Hunter, all from Greg Rucka, all from Lee Child, as well as the three from Barry Eisler in the Rain series. Tony is constantly reading new books...the list Phil posted was an 'essential' list of reading material that he highly recommends. Sean

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