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10/7/04 6:18 PM
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I am trying to decide what TMA to start in and have narrowed my choices down to Isshin Ryu, Kuk Sool Wan, or Wado Ryu. If any one has trained in Isshin Ryu please tell me a little about it. How functional is it, any weapons to be learned, difficulty of katas, how long does it usually take to get to black belt level? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you
10/30/04 7:40 PM
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David Vieira BJJ / Tampa CombaT
I think if you have the time, your best advice would be to take advantage of any free classes that each school might be offering to prospective students. This will help you to answer some important questions that will aid you in your decision. Those are: Do you have a good first impression of the Instructor or Master Instructor? Are the classes small or big? Sometimes small is good because you'll get more personal attention. Are the current students arrogant or accepting?... this is important because arrogant students will do little to help you progress. Is it a belt factory? Meaning you'll get Black Belt in a year or two and as long as you pay for testing you'll pass each test? Avoid these places at all costs. If you are able to spend anywhere from 2 classes to two weeks of classes with each dojo, you'll find out so much about what will be best for you. Training is an investment: Financially, emotionally and physically. You owe it to your future of training to get the most info from each place. Find out for yourself, it's hard to take another's word for it because people of each style are very partial to their own. Good Luck.
11/3/04 5:56 PM
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Isshinryu's main goal is to perfect of oneself through physical and mental development. As students learn they acquire self-confidence, serenity, and humility. Isshinryu has many advantages over other styles such as: Isshinryu stresses "close-in" techniques that are more practical on the street vs. high flashy kicks for example. Isshinryu techniques are mostly thrown from natural stances, limiting wasted motion, maintaining stability and giving you split-second advantages over other styles; Isshinryu uses a "snap style" that permits you to move quickly, deliver more punches or kicks, and lead naturally into other techniques. e.g. the straight punch has no corkscrew common in other styles. Approximately five Isshinryu punches can be thrown in the time used for one corkscrew punch. The punch also ends in and can be thrown from a middle block. For more information on the Isshinryu vertical fist and punch ---------------- I copied this from a website (typed in isshinryu on google). I know they also have 8 empty hand katas (Seisan, Seiuchin, Naihanchi, Wansu, Chinto, Kusanku, Sanchin, and Sunsu). Generally they also put a heavy emphasis on their 15 basic techniques. There are alot of websites out there that show teh techniques and katas if you surf around a little on it.
11/4/04 10:47 AM
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Ogami Itto
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For the record some of the guys I have always trained with and sparred with did isshin ryu for their standup and were sweet. Lots of direct attacks and infighting.

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