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10/12/04 6:38 AM
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Steven Lefebvre
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Hello Everyone in NH! Kirik this is a great idea. I have been an active supporter of the MMA.TV forums since they launched so many years ago. New Hampshire has many great places to train, although not enough publicity for those schools exist. I know of several small clubs teaching BJJ, or Jujutsu of some type, as well as a few MMA, JKD type schools as well. At my school , we host many FMA type seminars and a few MMA based seminars as well. Our Combative Concepts program has been in place since the mid 90's and is always one of the most packed sessions on the schedule. You can get more information at our website www.bujinkandojo.net. I look forward to some great discussions here. Sincerely Steve Lefebvre
10/16/04 10:05 AM
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Great idea! Hope to hear from some NH folks here. Were are people training these days in Sub Grappling, MMA or Vale Tudo?? My school closed a few years ago and I've just been training with a small group off and on for a while. Any ideas??? Help!!! :)
10/17/04 3:34 AM
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Roger Woo a purple belt under Keith..or is it Kenny Florian...teaches in manchester at Terry Dow's Academy of MA as well as at two Tokyo Joes...the one in derry and the one in Hooksett. Gi class on monday night at Terry's I believe a wed night Vale Tudo class in hooksett GI class Thurs night in derry and Saturday mornings Vale Tudo at Terry's. the name of our group is Manchester Vale Tudo.
3/28/05 8:58 PM
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DIRECT STRIKE streetwear
Yes this is nice! My name is Phil I'm from Manchester and i recently started DirectStrike.tv....MMA gear and clothing. I am sponsoring local fighters Mass, NH, NY etc as well as a few Big name fighters like Jorge Rivera. We are part sponsors of UFC 52 and the ring card girls will have the DirectStrike Bikini's on that night. I am also sponsoring so events in the Northeast, like the Blood Brothers show in June, and working with Kipp Kollar to do several more shows this spring/ summer. I also sponsor two fighting teams ... Team Oxedine and Team Ground N Pound as well as sponsoring the upcoming Kentucky Fighting Challenge. Please help me spread the word about DirectStrike so that we may continue to sponsor more events and fighters. I look forward to this forum and give me a shout if you all want to talk etc 666-7082
4/23/05 9:29 PM
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We have a small club in Concord, NH. http://home.earthlink.net/~jknoll4/granitestatebrazilianjiujitsu/ We have Kenny Florian give lessons & seminars every other month, as well as seminars by other advanced players from Boston BJJ. We train on Mondays & Thursdays from 4-6pm. We have free space, so there are no fees except for the seminars. If we end up getting a larger # of people in the future, we may need to charge for insurance purposes. On Sundays, we train in Grantham, NH with John Widdman (BJJ brown, Judo black) who is from the Yamasaki academy. Anyone is welcome to train with us. Best, James

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