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10/12/04 6:42 PM
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Edited: 12-Oct-04
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For those who like to hit the kimura from the bottom of half guard, how do you stop the armbar counter where they jump over you and armbar the arm you used to reach over? I can lock up the leg in half guard, but I find this position to be a stale mate as my opponent is usually grabbing onto his gi, holding steady while I trap his leg. If I open up to try to create some space or to spin to an armbar, my opponent will often jump right over me and armbar me (if I'm going for his left arm, he armbars my left arm as well). I know the counter of sliding my left knee up to his chest to armbar him before he armbars me, but I was wondering if there was a way to stop his movement all together. Thanks in advance

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