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10/14/04 9:33 PM
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On October 9th & 10th Coach Blauer was in Herkimer, NY at PDR Coaches Tom and Dana Arcuri's school. Over forty students were in attendance, including four certified PDR coaches. There were participants from Watertown & Rochester NY, Vermont, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania and coach Robb Finlayson flew in all the way from Alberta Canada. It was great to have such a diverse group of dedicated students. Tony taught a ground fighting seminar on day one, and a knife-weapon protection on day two. The feedback from our students and the guests has been phenomenal. Coach Blauer never ceases to amaze us with his ability to adapt to the audience' needs and give amazing seminars. Those of you who have never trained live with Coach should consider getting to an event ASAP. Training with the founder is well worth the effort. This event is becoming an annual tradition so we need to start prepping A-SAP for next year. I envision another focused weekend in the fall of 2005. Those of you coming again or for the first time should spend time weekly working your close quarter form and combat calisthenics. Those of you without PDR experience should get in touch with a PDR coach in your area that can help you with the fundamental drills, skills and concepts. Contact: Marc@TonyBlauer.com Quarterly training seminars will be once again held at our school in Herkimer, NY starting in January. We have weekly PDR classes on Friday evenings. There are several local students who train weekly in Herkimer. There are also several long distance students that will come in on a Friday once or twice a month for training. Contact us if you have an interest in training in Herkimer. info@BaileysHerkimer.com A couple of the school owners in attendance are going to attend the official PDR Coach Certification Sessions in Montreal in the near future. To officially incorporate PDR into a school's curriculum it is essential to have a professional relationship with the company. After we trained with the staff at Blauer Tactical our understanding of the substance behind the subject allowed us to describe, demo, dissect and drill PDR for our students. The certification program allowed us to unlock the full benefits of the system for us and our students. The PDR certification program is for school owners and instructors that want to take the next step. Contact: Marc@TonyBlauer.com Dana and I have made great strides and continue to strive to enhance our experience and our students understanding of PDR. We took a poll and found that Tony Blauer's system has had a positive impact on every one of the twenty-five students from our school attending the seminar. We would like to publicly thank Coach Blauer for his contribution to our growth, the success of our school and the enhanced safety of our students. Hope to see you at a seminar soon Tom and Dana Arcuri PDR Coaches
10/14/04 10:09 PM
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The Grounfighting and Weapons Protection seminar at Coach Tom and Dana Acuri's school in Herkimer was absolutely awesome. Tom and Dana have put together an incredible PDR program in their region, and it showed in the performance of their students at the seminar. For those of you who know what Mr. Blauer's schedule is like, having the opportunity to attend one his open courses is rare, with most of his time spent with Law Enforcement and Military groups around the world. Anyone in the Herkimer NY region need to get down to Tom and Dana's school and "exSPEARience" first hand the excellent program they have and the quality of instruction they provide. To everyone who attended....you guys worked your asses off for two solid days and it was awesome seeing how everyone's skill and understanding grew exponentially. Look forward to next year and I hope to see some familiar faces at the PDR Coach Certification Course in couple of weeks. Robb FInlayson, PDR Coach

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