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11/8/04 12:03 AM
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Jonathan Berman
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The PDR Fundamentals manual opens with a quote from Emerson: "What goes on around you compares little with what goes on inside you." To this, I would like to add another from Twain: "I have had a great many troubles, but most of them never happened." It took me a long time to get to this PDR. After many years (since '79) in the martial arts, I returned home from a several year stint in Japan in '97 and saw Tony on TV. Noted it, did some research, but didn't contact him till '99 and spent an enjoyable afternoon e-mailing back and forth. Took a year or so more before I got some tapes. And then a few more years, until this past summer's Combatives Camp and this fall's PDR 10, to actually learn from the man in person. What took so long? Again, Emerson: "We reject thoughts because they are our own. In every work of genius a man recognizes his own rejected thoughts. They come back to him with a defeated majesty." I think we can take thoughts to mean anything from the first nascent inklings of an idea to its most mature iteration. And sometimes we reject them out of laziness or fear or grandiose self-involvement (all of which, not incidentally, can be dealt with through lucid introspection using the Blauer Tactical Confrontation Management Systems learning tool known as The Cycle of Behavior). Clearly, I was drawn to Coach Blauer's concepts, drills, and method of experimentation because I saw, what as for me anyway, truth. I also saw the mature iteration of some of my inklings, but taken to a level I truly could not have imagined (and I suspect I am not alone in this). The thrill of this discovery, I must confess, was tempered by a discouragement born of "defeated majesty" - that I had not gone as far with my ideas as I should have, that I had not been the independent thinker or go-getter I fancied I was (and worse, now look much farther I had to go!). But I took some drills and ideas to heart, and continued down my path, despite a growing uneasiness. The PDR program is a proven and successful congruous fusion of psychological, emotional, and bio-mechanical dimensions that provides an actual 3-dimensional roadmap of the sort to which lip-service is often paid, but rarely, in my experience anyway, actualized. I sensed this (though I must admit, it took attending the PDR to fully appreciate the fact), yet I meandered with several tentative baby steps up to the pool before I dove into the deep end. And I think, monetary and other issues aside, it was my truculent little boy ego getting in the way. My loss. Not to get too bookish, but a final quote, from Leonardo Da Vinci (c. 1510): "Experience does not ever err, it is only your judgment that errs in promising itself results which are not caused by your experiments." It is the result of Coach Blauer's particular genius and courageousness in taking the time and bruises (both to the body and more importantly, to the ego) to research and think about and experiment again and again with the vicious realities of combat, within and without, that attests to the veracity of this statement. He looked past pat suppositions and predetermined judgments, experimented, and blew them away. Now, the template is there. Ever evolving, but there nonetheless, right now, and all one need do is get involved, work hard, and pay attention in order to experience these truths for oneself. For me, at least, as a martial practitioner with a deep and abiding interest in the unity of mind, body, and spirit, it would have been a shame to continue not to. So my message is this: If you've been following these posts and this stuff speaks to you, Don't Wait. Just jump in the deep end. You have everything to gain. In closing I can think of no finer testimony to Tony's skill and integrity as an educator than the embodiment of those same abilities and qualities in his instructors - Sean, Tom and Dana, Robb - and the office staff - Jesse, Marc, Tony Marinos, Aaron - for whose help and guidance I am very grateful. Thanks again, everyone. I look forward to the next one. Best, Jonathan Berman
11/8/04 10:05 AM
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Tony Blauer
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Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.
NIce letter Jonathan... Watching you at the seminar, absorbing the info, I had know idea you were so skilled a wirter :-) Very nice. And thnaks for the comments about the staff...few people know what goes into putting that event on...a lot of people work very hard. Again, thank you. Tony

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