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Rodrigo Gracie >> Frustration With Calesthenics!!!

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11/23/04 8:06 PM
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Lloyd Dobler
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Fellow UG'ers, So I was really tense today and I needed a workout. The gym was closed at school. So I opted to use my skiprope and do a few rounds of skipping interspersed with calesthenics. By the time I was done I realised a few things that frusturated me with my conditioning. 1st off: I fucking hate PUSHUPS!! My leg strength/endurace is my main attrabute, and I realize that it is my upper body that needs work but JESUS. The monotony!!! I honestly got gassed and had to put my knee down for a few seconds during the last set of pushups (I was just doing thirty). Part of the problem is that I find pushups extremely boring. 2nd off: I realized how much I like explosive, full body excersizes, especially if it envolves weight resistance. Hang Snatches are lots of fun, also one-legged stepups with a barbell too. Even Explosive, Jumping Pushups. There are alot of weight resistance/power building excersizes that I really like, but I realize that all the power I gain isn't going to matter if I dont have muscular endurance. I'm really pumped and excited to purchase a kettlebell soon (the first part of my home gym), but I know I need to meet that half way with effective calesthenics. I'd really like to make the most of my classes by not getting gassed during them, and save that for my home workouts. 3rd: It's leading me to look for alternative calteshenics. The Royal Court stuff that Matt Furey pushes looks really good (ESPECIALLY if Karl Gotch was the one to turn him on to that). The hindu push-ups look like they are intersting and fun to try, I already somewhat like the hindu squats. What has all your experiences been with this stuff, if anything? I realize that calesthenics are also a big mental excersize, and so isn't working out, but doing a high amont of reps requires alot of concentration and determination. What's yall's experience with calesthenics? I'm especially hopefull of hearing from people who are or have struggled with the same thing I'm struggling with. But I wan't to hear from everyone. Thanks Also, While I'm still typing... Anyone check out Renzo's new training book? Thoughts on it? What of the Matt Furey combat conditioning?
7/10/10 12:08 AM
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matt furey's stuff is excellent..check it out

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