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11/27/04 2:04 AM
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posted on AcademicGround also. wondering if anybody:s got any opinions/info about Seattle Uni and Uni of Washington, or any other grad schools in the seattle area. i:m planning on getting a degree in int:l business with particular interest in relations with asia. right now i:m leaning more toward seattle u. because it has a masters in int:l business specifically whereas uw, altho seeming to be the more prestigious school, has degrees in japanese and international studies, no specificity to business. any info, opinions, advice, etc is greatly appreciated. heard anythin good/bad bout either school? general conceptions bout either school? i:ve heard seattle:s the northwestern/poor man:s version of san francisco and since i:ve lived in small towns all my life i kinda like the idea of living in a pretty big city for a change. training options seem pretty affordable also so that:s also a plus. thanks in advance for any help on this.
12/6/04 3:29 PM
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I moved up from the SF bay area to attend grad school at UW. Academically, it's one of the top public schools in the country and always ranks high on the "best schools for your money" lists. You're right... Seattle is very reminiscent of SF. It's just a cleaner and greener version... without the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. Regardless, it's still a very liberal city because it attracts a lot of transplants from CA. The weather can be a bit much at times but a quick jaunt to Vegas usually cures whatever weather related blues you might have. You really should visit Seattle and both campuses before making any decisions.

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