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2/24/05 2:22 AM
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To Competitors in the Carolinas, You want something better to sink your teeth into? Tired of not being able to test yourself in a more complete competition? Want to see better events in the Carolinas that actually give a shit about the TRUE COMPETITOR'S??? Here it is! This is for all of ya'll. If you want to see things get better and change where we live,.....then bring your butts out this weekend. If not to compete then just to support an event that can benifit us ALL. We can whine about the state of affairs here OR we can do something about it. Whatever your gym is, Whatever style your subscribe to, Whatever team rivalries you might have, Whatever social politics you feel strong about, Whatever you think about Anthony Huss. ...piss on it. This is more important than that. ...and get out to the BATTLE CRY event this weekend. If you don't understand the importance of this message,.....then please ignore this message and let this pass you by. IF so, then thank you for your time. IF you do then scroll down. . . . . . . . . . . http://www.mma.tv/events/index.cfm?ac=EventDetail&EID=964 Event Date: 26-Feb-05 Event Time: 9:00 am Location: Lincolnton, NC, 28092, United States Phone: (704)300-6253 Event Email: wayne_anthonyhuss@yahoo.com Event Website: http://www.battlecry.tv Event Contact: Anthony Huss More Information, The debut of "DMA" in NC! DMA is the logical alternative for those fighters stuck in ANTI-MMA states like NC and SC! Rules are: Two fighters of the same weight will compete against each other TWICE, by two separate rules each time. Both fights will have different judges, equipment, rules, etc. Even the winners declared are separate, one for the grappling fight and one for the striking fight. A fighter may win none of them, one of them, or both of them. There is in effect a wall down the middle. That way there's no "mixing", obviously a requirement for something to be considered as MMA. There is one fight done by striking rules. The striking portion of the rules are Kung Fu styled. The Kung Fu uniform includes pants, a top, sashes, and is refereed by a black sash Kung Fu master. Winner is decided by the total points earned. Protective equipment includes the full range of foul cup, headgear, gloves, knee pads, and shin guards with instep pads. Additional protection can be used if the fighters wish. With this much gear on they can punch and kick. However, they can only knee to the body. No head shots by knee. From a standing clutch position(where both fighters are standing up hugging each other) they may throw their opponent. But the action stops the second they are off their feet, before they even hit the ground and they are stood back up. There is also one fight done by grappling rules. These are pretty much the same submission grappling rules we are used to everywhere. I use the exact same rules I use for my TAP FACTOR events. Provided by the S.A.G. IF YOU STILL WANT TO COMPETE IN BATTLE CRY, FILL OUT YOU FORMS ASAP AND SEND THEM TO ME. Go ahead and fill out one or both entry forms and send them to me. The Tap Factor site has an online registraion. BAttle Cry can be filled out and faxed to me 704-732-9760 or emailed in. www.Grappler.Us and www.Battlecry.Tv for more. If you want to enter BOTH events you will recieve a %50 discount of the second one. I.E. BOTH Tap Factor and BATTLE CRY for $75. Here's the skinny for the day: It will be held at the: Lincoln Charter School on Hwy 27. Address: 133 Eagles Nest Rd. Lincolnton, NC 28092 Weigh-in Times: Night before event, 6pm-8pm Morning of event, 9am-10am Last chance for BATTLE CRY competitors to register 2-3pm Event schedule: Doors Open at 9 a.m. for TAP FACTOR. BOTH event's Competitors registration 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. TAP FACTOR Opening Ceremonies 10 a.m. TAP FACTOR Rule Reading follows Opening Ceremonies. TAP FACTOR will start following Rule Reading. TAP FACTOR award ceremony follows last grappling match. TAP FACTOR ends. (Exact time unknowable) PLEASE NOTE: The exact ending time of TAP FACTOR 6 will determine the remaining scheduled times. Intermission: (approximately 30 mins.) Kung Fu Art demonstration by the "Flying Tigers" youth team. Doors Open at 4 p.m.(roughly) for BATTLE CRY. BATTLE CRY Opening Ceremonies 4 p.m.(subject to change) BATTLE CRY Rule Reading with visual aids Open forum:Question and Answer session BATTLE CRY will start following Open forum. Kung Fu matches and Grappling matches will be held individually. BATTLE CRY award ceremony follows conclusion of all matches. BATTLE CRY is over following the last match.(Exact time unknowable) Closing ceremony follows end of BATTLE CRY. Photos and interviews with the competitors are available following Closing ceremony. Open mat begins following end of all training events. (Open mat is where all Huss Hybrid Combat College members are allowed to practice Grappling on the available mats. Anyone wishing to participate must sign addition waiver and bring your own appropriate clothing and gear. Anthony Huss and HHCC staff will be available to instructor you and add to your learning experience. Remember,..."When in doubt, tapout.") 1/29/05 is a Huss Hybrid Combat College members only day. Regards, Anthony Huss

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