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2/27/05 5:25 AM
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EUPHORIA 3: "Yves Edwards vs. Hermes Franca" RESULTS! - John Kolosci defeated John Sivori by a majority decision. - George Santiago defeated Chris Ligouri at 3:27 in Round One by Rear Naked Choke. - Eddie Alvarez defeated Seichi Ikemoto by TKO at 1:25 of Round Two. - Jeff Monson defeated Jay White when White tapped out at 4:07 in the First Round due to injury. - Pat Stano lost Mike Delany by TKO ref stoppage due to strikes at 1:48 in Round Three. - Daniel Tabera defeated Ron Faircloth by unanimous decision. - Chael Sonnen defeated Adam Ryan at 3:49 in round one by TKO ref stoppage.* Sonnen looked impressive knocking down Ryan and finishing the fight. - Dan Christiansen defeated Ben Rothwell when Rothwell tapped out due to a Kimura half way through round three.* This was the fight of the night so far, back and forth action with both guys having their moments.* In round three, Christiansen hit Rothwell with three high kicks to the head in a row.* On the third, Rothwell went down and Dan finished with a Kimura.* Great fight!!! - Travis Wiuff wins a unanimous decision over Antoine Joaude.* The fight was closer than the 30-27 on all the score cards show. - Ryan Schultz defeated Hiroyuki Abe at :42 of round two by TKO ref stoppage from GnP.* The first round was an exciting round with both fighters stunning the other.* Abe even taunted Schultz at on point after taking some good shots.* Schultz dropped Abe with a high kick and finished him off with some ground-n-pound until the referee stopped the fight.* Schultz wins. - Rich Clementi*defeated*Daisuke "13" Hanazawa by unanimous decision.* Half way through the second round, Clementi looked at his corner and told them his knee was "torn."* Following round two, it wasn't certain if Rich would be able to continue due to his injured left knee.* He did and pulled out the win. - JEREMY HORN *defeated Kazuki Okubo at 3:19 of round one with a body blow.* The fight was entirely a stand up fight with Horn throwing kicks and combinations.* A kick to the body ended the fight, Horn wins! - Yves Edwards vs. Hermes Franca Round One:* Hermes threw many high kicks in round one.* Caught Yves twice and stunned him once.* Yves came back throwing punches and in the clinch late in the round throwing knees causing his own damage.* Close action packed fight so far with Hermes probably taking the first round. __________________ Round Two:* Yves nuetralized everything Hermes tried in Round Two.* He was able to stuff every take down.* Edwards controled the round catching Hermes with a hard knee as well.* The round went to Edwards for sure.* Round Three up next. Round Three:* Close round.* Hermes had Yves in a Heel Hook but Yves got out.* Hermes had Yves in a Guillotine but Edwards got out of it as well.* Yves contoled*the stand up.* Bruce Buffer with the call.*First judge 29-28* for Edwards* Second judge 29-28 for Franca.* It's a split decision with the final judge calling it 29-28 Yves Edwards.*Yves by decision!
2/28/05 8:07 AM
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É uma pena o Hermes e o Antoine terem perdido, pelo menos dessa vez a derrota do Hermes parece não ter sido polêmica.

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