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3/22/05 9:27 PM
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What should I be looking for in a FMA instructor? My backround is boxing and wrestling, and for the last three years BJJ (blue belt). I'm a total beginner when it comes to FMA, just looks real interesting to learn. I have a "powerlifting" type of build, does that limit me in any way? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
4/1/05 7:06 PM
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hey rock, sorry been on vacation and havent been on line - as far as a fma instructor goes, it's such a hard question to answer. the only reason I make the statements I do re:my evalutations, are because I've trained with so many people, that I can smell the BS - same thing with BJJ teachers - You sort of have to experience a lot of different instructors, then you will see them for what they are yourself - Sorry, but there really isnt a easier answer - short of that, the only thing you can do is watch how the guy moves and swings a stick - this is a basic as it gets - a college baton twirler chick will look amazinging swinging a stick, but that doesnt mean she knows FMA - but at least you can gage something, without knowing to much - therre is just a certain look someone good has - like watching a BB do a arm bar as opposed to watching a white belt do it - even if the guy is a old time filipino be care - dan tells of how when instructors didnt like students, they would make the student a instructor because the culture is never to be rude. So the instructor would say "ok, i taught you everything, you are ready to go out on your own." just because the instructor didnt want to teach that person anymore - so this "new" instructor thinks he got it down and goes on to teach eveyone under him bullshit - where do you live? maybe i can recommend someone in your area Steve

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