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3/26/05 7:10 PM
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Roy Harris
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Hello from Göteborg, Sweden! Here is a quick update on all that has happened thus far: I left San Diego Monday morning around 10am and arrived in Sweden on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30pm. By the time I got my luggage and the seminar drove me to my hotel and checked in, it was almost 3:30pm. I quickly changed clothes, laid down for a few minutes, ate a little food and then headed to the gym to teach a private lesson at 5pm. I taught a private lesson from 5pm to 6pm and then taught a seminar at the Fighter Centre in Stockholm from 6pm to 9pm. After teaching the seminar, talking to people afterwards, testing on person for their purple belt (Joakim Lundgren), taking pictures and all, I finally got back to my hotel room around 11:30pm. I stayed up until 2am answering e-mails and writing more articles. Finally, my body crashed a little after 2am. I got up on Wendesday morning and taught private lesson from 10 to 12pm. I had lunch with an old friend and went sightseeing for a few hours. I got to bed early that night and slept like baby! On Thursday morning, I got up at 4:30am and started answering e-mails. I stayed awake until the seminar host picked me up at 7:45am for the long drive to Helsingborg, Sweden. This drive took a little over 6 hours to complete. We arrived around 3:45pm, met a new seminar host and talked for awhile. Then, I taught a seminar in 5pm to 9pm. We chatted for awhile, got back in the car and drove another 2+ hours to get to Göteborg, Sweden. I checked into my hotel around midnight and crashed right away. I got up this morning around 10am and got ready to teach more privates. I taught from 11:30am until around 1pm. I would have taught longer, but my neck was killing me. (NOTE: My neck and upper back have been giving me problems the past ten days or so. The pain in my neck was so unbearable today that I had to stop teaching the private lesson. As a matter of fact, I am now starting to move like No-Neck-Joe.) After the private, I went and had lunch with a good friend of mine. After lunch, he took me back to my hotel and I tried to get some sleep. However, everyone and their mother decided to call me. So, I just got up and starting writing! I had dinner with the seminar and his wife and children. It was fun to be "Uncle Roy" again. I got a chance to show a few coin tricks, play hide and seek, view a show-and-tell, play tickle-me-one-more-time and race monsters. Today, I taught a four hour seminar to a group of about 45 people. I taught them the details of the triangle choke.....not the mechanics, but the details. After I taught them the details, I taught them how to put these detail in motion, as well as how to exert "Pressure", the most important element of intermediate level Jiu Jitsu. This training session completed the first two hours. For the second two hours, we focused on controlling from the butterfly guard using the same progression: Mechanics, Details, Motion and Pressure. At the end, we put everything together and combined it with a few closely related positions. All in all, it was a great day! Tomorrow will be busy day as I teach again from 10am to 4pm. And then on Monday, I head back to San Diego. Well, it's now a little after 2am and I am headed to bed. Happy Easter to all, Roy Harris

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