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9/9/05 6:18 PM
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Simple winning rules September 7, 2005
With the 2005 football season upon us, millions of folks will be glued to their television sets. They will be rooting for their favorite teams, or at least the teams where they have placed a wager.

Many seasoned players have gotten their butts whipped early in the season simply because they don't follow some simple rules when it comes to sports wagering. Some if these rules appear below.

Bet with your head not over it. Too many players end up in a hole because they play amounts they simply cannot afford. What I do with my clients is to put them on a tailor-made money management plan based on the amounts they play. If utilized correctly a money management plan will help you maximize your profits while, at the same time, act as an insurance policy in case you lose.

Another trap to avoid is betting with your emotions. When it comes to winning at sports gambling bet with YOUR head, NOT your heart. I don't care if you are a fan of a particular team or even if it's your alma mater. Emotions are the downfall of gamblers.

Many clients have told me they refuse to bet against one team simply because they are fans, yet the information clearly points to the other side. Keeping your emotions in check will go a long way to having a successful season.

Never press bet! So, you just got killed in the early games and you're looking to bail out. So what do you do? You triple or quadruple your bet to get out in one shot. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I've seen too many people make that mistake. Sure, it's great if it wins, but more times than not, you're just opening yourself up for a disaster of epic proportions.

This goes back to my money management plan. Always have the discipline to keep the amounts you bet the same. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you're going to have to pay your man that week. Don't make it worse. Try to cut your losses, not your throat.

Finally, remember that if the game looks too easy, it usually is. If you see a line that makes one side look like a lock, it usually isn't. The best thing to do is avoid the game completely. Besides, there is no such thing as a "lock." Too many things can occur in a game that can change the outcome. There are injuries, penalties, and interceptions just to name a few.

Follow these simple principles and you will have the most successful season of your life. At the very least you won't annihilate yourself and will live to fight another day.

-Gary Sanders

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