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9/14/05 8:16 PM
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One of the things I love the most about the start of each NFL year is how all the prognosticators claim that the first three or four weekends are open season on the bookies because Vegas "isn't sure" exactly how to set the lines in the early going.

I can't tell you how many things are wrong with that statement but let me just cut to the chase and say that even if you believe that theory to be sound, if Vegas doesn't know what's going on then who in the hell else does?

I mean do you really think that some 1-900 handicapper has the inside edge over Vegas? Sure, there's more unknown variables at the start of every season but don't let these guys insult your intelligence by convincing you that there's gobs of easy money to be made early in an NFL season. When it comes to money, nobody knows more than Vegas. Nobody ever has and nobody ever will.

Speaking of money, how many of you had their hard earned dollars on those mighty Dolphins? I really don't know what that game says about Miami but I am positive about what it says about Denver. Shanahan knew when it was time to bite the bullet with Griese, and the era of Jake "the snake" in the Mile High city is fast approaching its necessary conclusion.

For all you under bettors out there

With a 6-3 halftime score and a ‘total' of 38, I might have even circled that one as a winner (that is if I bet ‘under' and if I hadn't been screwed with the "early circle" way too many times early in my gambling career).

I'm thinking I wasn't the only one to tease the Vikings down to a pick ‘em against Brian Griese and the Bucs this week. I love getting that first touchdown on the board when I'm on a teased favorite playing at home to start the season. Unfortunately, as I'm typing this, I'm still waiting for the next one.

How about that Chicago/Washington beauty? The only good thing about that game was that everybody who got screwed on the Miami ‘under' at least got their money back.

Okay, I know everybody is blinded by their emotions when it comes to anything having to do with New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina - and rightly so. And for anyone who bet that game (and there were many) with the hope of making some easy money based on the newly created "Hurricane theory" they pretty much got what they deserved no matter which side they bet.

What I don't get is how a John Carney field goal can make a lick of difference in the grand scheme of that whole horrific disaster? I just can't buy into the romantic notion that for a family who has lost everything they possess in this world, their lot in life can be improved in any way whatsoever by the fact the New Orleans Saints are still undefeated.

I admit it, I teased the Rams. I love scouring the lines for a good ‘dog in the opening weekend. How about Tennessee plus seven? Or how about an undervalued Titans team against an overrated Steelers squad? Maybe Vegas is a little soft early. Then you get the opening touchdown and you feel like you're "Jimmy the Greek." Just one question - has Pittsburgh had to punt the ball yet?

At least Houston was as bad as the pre-season trailers.

You know as much as I'd like to blame Schottenheimer for the Chargers dump to the Cowboys, even I have to concede that I didn't see Marty taking any of those brain dead penalties on third down. Good ol' Marty waits until the playoffs and fourth down before he takes any of those.

Was I the only one who chased the over in the Indy game?


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