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11/2/05 3:01 PM
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Matt Thornton
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Camp ROCKED! We missed many people due to the hurricane, Adam, Whittier, and many-many more. . .but although they were all missed, we still had an amazing, and wonderful crew of people. It was a very nice room to be in that weekend. And a great VIBE! I'll post more later. . .thanks to everyone who helped support this event. We will be announcing the Spring dates shortly, and hopefully we will see many of you again there.
11/3/05 3:51 PM
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Luis Gutierrez
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Huuuuuge thanks to everyone who hung in there and made it through the storm to attend!!! Like Matt said, nothing got in the way from an awesome experience this past weekend. We rolled for about four hours straight on Friday since we barely had light off of a small generator, no a.c. and no running water. I then taught some material on taking the back for about an hour before we headed to the beach. The matches where an amazing thing to see. So many varied games and everyone rolling with everyone and then, regardless of outcomes, sharing insights on the roll. I am sure everyone was getting all sorts of new information that day. I sure did. We got power just before Saturday's sessions and from then on the coaches were able to get their material out just fine. Leo and John kicked things off with the Z-guard with Leo showing its basic structure and applications. From there he went to submission options and drilling. John closed the session off with a cycle of sweeps and x-guard options off the z-guard. After lunch, Matt brought out his Guard Surfing material and I was blown away with it and how quickly it transferred over results to the participants. It was immediately a keeper for me and will now be what we use for coaching and training passes. He has to get this out on DVD asap! Next day started with some material off of So Flo 2 and I added a few more options and details on getting the back from cross side drags. I was impressed on how quickly the material was used later on during open mat sessions. Christian G was all over the place with cross-dragging to the back and ninja mounting his training partners. ;) After Sunday's lunch, Karl got everyone going with his "keep it standing" session. As always, his innovations are inspiring to watch! He went right into distance and footwork then added strikes and set up everyone for his material. That material was taking the CM or shelling cover and learning to keep it through the clinch and then out of it. Suffice to say that it has to be seen but he blended in pummeling and shelling into something unique and more efficient. Both Saturday and Sunday sessions were followed by Matt's coaching for performance, sessions which had everyone participating in small groups and working on specific aspects of the gym as a whole. These small groups then came together to share, discuss, debate and play with many ideas on training, coaching, actual techniques and styles of teaching and gym management. Sunday night concluded with outdoor patio dining (awning got blown away by the storm)at a local Mexican restaurant where 30 SBGIers witnessed a rap off between the Icelanding Viking and So Flo's own T3. Iceland 1 / So Flo 0. But...he used Runic Rap and this style truly took everyone by surprise. Something about, "Lo, here I stand before you blah blah blah..." but it rocked! Runic Rap will surely be heard again at SBGi gatherings. The Icelanding Viking is being managed by Karl in case anyone wants to book him for a wedding, parties, etc Another Sunday night dining event was John Kavanaugh's traditional and ritual mma match with Canada's own unsuspecting Jeff Duarte. I can't tell you the actual details of the bout as the concrete pillars got in the way as they trip behind them and the table umbrella landed upon them. I think it was a draw by ref stoppage, as they both got up quite staggered. John Kavanugh did take a loss on the all involved hoodie ninja basketball game where unbeknown to Christian Graugart; his hoodie was chosen as the net. I'll let others explain the rest. My last vision of that night was of Karl attacking Matt from outside the passenger side window with some type of eagle claw adam's apple attack of sorts that made Matt laugh at him between threats to let go. As to Monday through today, all those who stayed on a few extra days trained throughout the day or trips to the beach. Thanks to Mike and Rebecca for working out with the boys on Monday and to Christian G. for training with Niko today and helping him prepare for his mma debut in December. Also sepcial thanks to Jonathan for being the night life tour guide for the youngins. Matt, Marcel taught nothing but the guard surfing drill last night. Adam, Steve, Jerry, Cecil, Harry and all those whose flights were cancelled were truly missed. Thank you all so much for making the attempt. I know some of you even tried booking again the day prior. -Luis
11/4/05 1:30 AM
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Jeff Duarte
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It was a great time!  I learned so much and met so many good people.  I'd go again in a heartbeat.


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