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11/21/05 7:22 AM
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Does anyone still post here? Not sure if they do, but I'm going to post this anyway I'm looking to get a tattoo, and was curious to see if any paper/pencil artists could sketch me up the design im looking for (to at least get my idea on paper in some form). I have no artistic ability and would appreciate the help greatly. That being said, here is my idea so far: I think I want to get an angel...for religious and personal reasons...but I don't want the (dont know how else to say this) wimpy looking, soft feminine angel. I think I would want the angel to have large, spread, powerful wings. Not sure on the pose...probably just something powerful with the wings spread large. I want the angel to not only be comforting, but also slightly dark and frightening, possibly concealed face. (UGH I wish I COULD DRAW) any help u can offer would be great, thanks guys!
12/21/05 8:47 PM
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Mr B
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still need help? i might be able to help. the.blindbunny@gmail.com

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