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3/7/02 8:32 AM
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Good Stuff Tony! I also do a great deal of work with seniors as well as many other diverse and interesting groups. FullPowers focus is to bring self-protection skills to "EVERYONE". I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with many differnt people including those from visual, cognitive, and hearing impaired populations. Not only is it important to customize the work to what "THEY CAN DO", but you will find that they will show you what they are capable of. Do not make the mistake of allowing your preconcieved notions of age, gender, or "Functional" status to interfear with the teaching an learning process. Bottom line, an individuals belief in themselves as a competent and confident individual goes a long way to preventing the activation of the second and third of the 3 Ds. Don't assume that they have no choices but to rely on dogs etc. I have worked with people as old as 85, and they can really hit you when they feel thy have to. The scenario and the individual’s strengths will dictate your choices as an instructor and theirs in the moment. Hope that makes sense. Just adding a little to where Tony was going. Liam.

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