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11/30/05 3:10 AM
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Apparently, the university I attend has some really intelligent doors. These clever doors have managed to foil at least five attempts to pass through them. These incidents happened within a day of each other, and these are just the events that I've personally witnessed. #1: yesterday, a guy tries to leave the cafeteria, but the door just won't pull open, he tries the door beside it, STILL no luck, frustrated he attempts the stairway exit door, IMPOSSIBLE! the doors are co-ordinating their 'attack' and this door fails to pull open as well...defeated, this guy walks all the way across the cafeteria to a very inconvenient exit (based on the assumption that his intention was to leave the building heading east) #2: today, as i walked up to a set of doors leading to a stairwell i needed to use, a girl and a guy are just about to come out, the girl pushes the first door a couple of times, hmm, must be locked, she attempts to push the door beside it, what? this can't be! after she attempted to push the second door, the path was clear for me to use the first door, as clever as i am, i pushed the door and was greeted with a quick "yeah! they push open!" or something to that affect, i responded with a smile and a "yeah...heh..it's alright" then i laughed a little as i walked away so there you have it, the incredibly intelligent doors at this university which have recently outsmarted these two university students and maybe countless more... both events happened during regular operating hours and none of the doors were locked and of course, the obligatory... http://ircamera.as.arizona.edu/NatSci102/images/extinstruct_files/image002.gif please, feel free to post your accounts of public humiliation in case it wasn't clear, in the 2nd event, the doors push open from my side and pull from hers
12/1/05 2:49 AM
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I took a dump in the ladies bathroom today.

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