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12/2/05 6:45 PM
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Edited: 02-Dec-05
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My 9 years old son really wants to study kendo. Only prob is theres not any instructors in the area. Anybody here know anything about good dvd or tapes that would be a good start?
12/7/05 1:22 PM
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Edited: 07-Dec-05
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I'm afraid Kendo needs partners for practice - I doubt you'll get far in kendo without a proper place to train in. Here's the US Kendo site with lots of info and links to lots of other Kendo sites worldwide: http://www.kendo-usa.org/ Here is link to "Kendo World" english language magazine on Kendo: http://www.kendo-world.com/ Here is a well-known Kendo supplier - they also carry Kendo books, magazines, videos/dvds: http://www.e-bogu.com And here's another Kendo supplier - my friend helps them: http://e-mudo.com/ Finally, if your son is interested in the whole Japanese samurai stuff, a good place to start for proper information (books, articles, links, etc.) re: authentic old-school Japanese martial traditions is: http://www.koryu.com Best of Luck!

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