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12/21/05 3:55 PM
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i am taking the mcat in april and ran across some problems studying for it. in the almost 4 years i have been at georgia tech, i have gotten to be completely calculator dependant and now am having trouble calculating percentages and doing alot of basic arithmetic without one. the mcat does not allow one for the exam, so if anyone has any useful tricks, stategies, or even websites, i am open ears. thanks.
12/21/05 4:05 PM
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Go to your local bookstore and pick up a book full of practice arithmetic problems. Or maybe even the library. Do a search for Dr. Math online. That will also have some review stuff.
12/21/05 6:57 PM
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percentages? what is a percentage? let's take it apart...per cent per 100 so, what is 40 per cent of 62 in other words how would you express 40/100 as x/62? you can do this a number of ways a simple way would be 40/100 = x/62 and solve for x or if you just quickly want the answer and don't have to show any work, multiply 4 *62 and shift the decimal over in your answer, 24.8, since 40/100 is .4, we can multiply by 10 and make it easy to work with by saying it is 4, then dividing 4*62 by 10 (we multiplied by 10, so we have to divide by 10 so that we don't change anything) so 4*62...still too much? 4*60 + 4*2 ? not good enough? (4*6)*10 = 24*10 = 240 then we add the 4*2 = 8 248 but remember we multiplied by 4 and not .4, so divide by 10 248/10 = 24.8 when multiplying a number by 10 you just move the decimal place to the right one place, and when dividing by 10, you move the decimal to the left i'm not sure if this was what you were kind of looking for, but this is an expanded version of the thought process i go through when calculating percentages in my head if you get stuck, there is always some way of breaking it up into simpler terms (as you saw when i simplified 4*62) perhaps you were looking for something more along the lines of how to find out what you want to solve? there's a general equation that can help you is/of = x/100 so, what percent of 75 is 30 30/75 = x/100 solve for x 50 is what percent of 80 50/80 = x/100 what is 35 percent of 65, you have to be careful here because they gave you a percent, so your x is not in the same spot as the previous examples x/65 = 35/100 just have to be sure you understand what the question is asking it would be helpful if you could post examples of problems that you are having trouble solving, then we could provide more specific tips

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