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1/5/06 9:08 AM
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Hi Tony, Just wanted to thank you for the ECT drill and pay some acknowledgment to it and the rest of the PDR system by relating a personal recent experience. The scenario: I'm on the mobile 'Security Response Unit' one Saturday night when some local Door Supervisors (Bouncers!) deal with a situation in a less-than-desirable manner which ends up causing a group of 10-12 males to become very frustrated and wound up. The group, now forced to leave, whilst getting shoved around by 20 plus doormen, head back toward the train station. This means they will pass a couple of venues that our company's door staff work at. To ensure their safety the Response unit follows and monitors them. However as we did not want to be seen and risk escalating them further, we parked around the corner close to the nearest venue. Being the only one in 'normal clothes' I left the vehichle to turn the corner and keep an eye on the group in case they decided to provoke a fight with some of our companies doormen down the road. Then i get 'hit' by 2 similtanous 'Murphy Moments': No.1 - Whilst trying to stay undetected, my 'covert earpiece' was noticed by the Alpha male of the group from across the street! (unfortunately the group had spread out along the street.) No. 2 - As I attempt to radio for back up... the radio freezes! He now rapidly encroaches towards me... I use choice speech to distract him so that I can reposition myself for an escape route and better tactical position... the whole group begins to charge... I run... some of the response unit arrive further back up the road and manage to disract about half the group... I turn around once gained a good position and attempt a defuse to the closest aggressors... NVP and choice speech ("calm down" repeated many times)... and to my surprise it worked after about 5 minutes. They calmed down somewhat and left leaving various gifts of: "next time..." "You're lucky..." "W**ker..." etc. Judging by their behaviour I truly thought it was definately going to kick off. In fact I had the nearest one lined up already. But... What astounded me was although having been in similar situations before, never had I felt so comfortable in determining imminient from immediate danger whilst standing in a NVP with an extremely aggressive and adrenaline fuelled couple of aggressors. This I think in my opinion was due to stress innoculation over time but definately due to the ECT drill. The pre-contact cues began to fire off then eased back down at least 5 times with one particular person. It was a simple, clear cut case of - wow there go the neck flexors, ok I'm going to intercept with a SPEAR/pre-emptive strike ... NOW... oh no need... he decided not to! and so on untill he finally decided to walk away. Having the mental blueprints enabled me to not have to pre-emptively strike (which I probably would have chosen to in the past from being unsure whether they would definately become violent or not). The W.I.N. (What's Important Now) was to de-escalate as 10 people versus 5 security was less desirable to control, and if I had actually pre-emptively struck it would have certainly ecalated into a nasty and bloody fight, with possible fight no. 3 (legal) consequences. Because of the blueprints I was able to stay calmer and be much more precise at my S.O.S. (selecting optimum strategy). My perception was much greater as was my trust in my flinch if it was needed. So thanks again Tony and keep up the grand work! ZG PDR Team Instructor
1/13/06 10:47 PM
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Tony Blauer
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Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.
Thanks Zeb, appreciate the feedback. I also appreciate your seriousness having travelled a couple of times from the UK to train with us. Stay safe, I look forward to seeing you again this year. TOny

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