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1/7/06 12:42 AM
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Guys everyone knows I don't get on the UG much but I've found a big discrimination issue that I've faced for years now. IT'S AGE. Again I have another "Boxing Commission" that said, "I MIGHT BE TOO OLD TO FIGHT." Granted if that were true possibly the same could be said of my friend, Dan Severn or Ken Shamrock or Randy Couture and now the over 40 fighters list is adding up - Maybe we are ALL TOO OLD? Doubtful because most of us are training harder than ever before and still competiting at a level that 30 year olds used to. I recognize that I might be an exception in that you would have a hard time trying to find some other 61+ year old guys that would WANT to get in the cage and fight. They probably don't want to do the 3 hours a day cardio I do either, or the one hour plus a day 5 days a week of weight training or the 2 hours a day fight training, but you know what I could give a shit because I'm not fighting for them, or the commissions but only for me and the other fighters and the fans. The typical judgement of "Too Old" comes from old boxers that are "punch drunk" because they have been hit it the head, jaw and temple over 40 times a round (normally 10 or more rounds a fight). Tell someone to explain that to these guys that control most of our destiny that we don't get hit like that. Also, tell them that we are better athletes today at OLDER ages because we didn't get hit like that 20 or 30 years getting to our 40's, 50's, or even my 60's. And, I shouldn't have to go through SPECIAL tests to try and EXCLUDE me or they should be given to everyone. I had the ex-State of Louisiana Boxing Commissioner Alvin Topham (who the UFC sat next to me for two of their events and the FFC one so I could help let him know what the fuck was going on in the ring PRIOR to their approving MMA there), tell me I was too old to fight - and that was about 6 years ago. Thank God for the new commissioner because he said, "Skip, if you can pass the same phsyical the other fighters pass then there should be no way I could STOP you from fighting if a promoter wants to put you on the card." Four years I sat my ass on the ringside and did everything but fight including spar and train with a lot of the guys when I should have been fighting. Four damn years that I can't get back. I'm glad he's gone and hope his ass never gets back into anything we do. I have been hurt once in my entire MMA career and the same day I got hurt a 23 year old fighter had the same thing happen to him BEFORE his fight as well. We both have had that injury fixed. I'm not a stupid man and if I thought I would get hurt any worse than a damn terrorist shooting me or blowing up a building I'm in in NYC then I wouldn't be fighting. But, it is my right as long as I'm physically fit and able to choose to fight in MMA - a sport I have helped pioneer as an official and fighter from full contact kickboxing (a DAMN tough sport) to MMA. I need your support if this comes to a showdown so feel free to put positive and yes, even sensible negative comments on here. But remember about the negative ones, don't say such and such will happen to me unless it CAN'T happen to a younger guy. I don't take Viagra, either because EVERYTHING I got works great so far and thank God I'm still smart enough not to become the Director of the Athletic Commission in Alabama - Nope won't happen until I fail my driving competency test. By the way, I ref 10, 11, 12, 13 straight fights from boxing to muay thai to MMA, heavyweights down, and I don't know many young guys that would find that a walk in the park either. My next posts will be pictures of my beat up and worn out body - remember the story Cinderella Man - he was washed up, too and beat perhaps the strongest and biggest heavyweight decidedly. I don't need any new inspiration because I have lots of friends that give me that, along with that I do keep getting a lot of this type of prodding to add to my DETERMINATION. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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