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Roy Harris >> Late January 2006 Update...

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1/21/06 7:43 PM
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Roy Harris
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It's late January and here's the scoop at Harris International: • It's Saturday, January 21 and I am headed off to Sweden and Poland to teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kalis Ilustrisimo for twelve days. While I am gone, the evening class schedule at the academy will remain the same. Mr. Chris Williams has volunteered to teach the JKD classes on Monday mornings, January 23 and 30. Unfortunately, there will be no morning BJJ classes until February 2 and no private lessons as well. • Brian Bird from Calgary, AB, Canada recently joined us for twelve days of fanatical BJJ training! And from what Brian told me, he had the time of his life! Brian was fortunate enough to stay with Harris International Instructor and Student, Mr. Jeff Baldwin. Jeff, being somewhat of a fanatic himself, gave Brian the opportunity to train each and every day while he was here in San Diego. I even heard there were a string of days where Brian got the opportunity to train two and three times per day! After our last private training session this past Friday, Brian was all smiles. Brian took me out for lunch afterwards and talked about his experiences! I was glad to hear that he was so happy (and inspired) about his training. ONE LAST COMMENT: It has been eight months since Brian and I had last trained together. AND, I must say that I was extremely impressed with the progress he has made. Brian has now proudly joined the ranks as one of a handful of students and instructors at Harris International who have gained a firm grasp on the pressure game! Congratulations Brian on a job well done! • The dates for our Second Annual Harris International Instructor's Conference have been set. We will all get together, hang out and train on the lovely island on Oahu on August 11, 12 and 13, 2006. NOTE: This instructor's conference will be different from the last instructor's conference. While there will be an instructor's only training session, there will also be a training section for any and all students of Harris International Instructors Worldwide. So, if you are a student who trains under one of our affiliate, apprentice or associate level instructors in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Bahrain, Australia and Korea you are welcome to join us! Guys, you are going to love the training, not to mention the beaches and the activities! Wives and girlfriends, the shopping and the beaches...............need I say more! Instructors, please let your students know about this get together! I would like nothing more than to have a large group of us get together, hang out, train and relax on the sandy shores of Waikiki beach. Please tell all of your students that they are more than welcome to join us. The more the merrier! One last comment: Even though the training will last three days, I am sure that many of us will stay a little more than three days ; ) We can't go to Hawaii just for three days! • On Friday afternoon, February 3, I will leave for Calgary, Alberta, Canada to teach a two day seminar (on February 4 and 5) at BDB Martial Arts. The focus of this two day seminar will be on finishing the straight arm lock, as well as combining the straight arm lock with other finishes! Contact BDB Martial Arts for more info. • On Sunday, February 12, I will teach two seminars at my academy: A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Over 40 seminar ($60, 10am to 1pm) Our second Harris International Instructor's training ($20, 2pm to 4pm) The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Over 40 seminar will be the first of its kind. It will be open to anyone and everyone.................with one exception: You must be at least 38 years of age to attend or view this seminar. This seminar is designed for those who have to balance family life and career with their love of Jiu Jitsu training. Learn how to use less energy, get injured less often and have more fun while grappling with the twenty year olds! The seminar will start at 10am. The cost is $60. The second Harris International Instructor's Training session will start at 2pm and last until 4pm. This session will focus on the needs of those present (JKD, Ilustrisimo or BJJ). • The Secrets of Collar Chokes instructional video and Passing the Guard instructional video (both taught by Professor Joe Moreira) will be discontinued in February. There are about 30 remaining videos. If you want one, it will be first come first serve. Once they are gone, they are gone. • I am in the process of organizing a trip to Brazil in 2007 to train in Jiu Jitsu. This trip will be open to all Harris International students, instructors, affiliates, as well as their wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends. If you would consider coming along with us, even if you don't want to train but would rather hang out on the beaches and go shopping, then please send me an e-mail entitled "Brazil." The purpose for this trip is to make our first family meeting memorable by having it in a foreign and exotic location. We will try to have these events every three years or so. This way, more people can save their pennies and try to come to these events – even if they don't want to train. So please join us if you can. You have a little more than 18 months to save your pennies! Please note, THIS TRIP TO BRAZIL WILL HAPPEN in the summer or fall of 2007. So, save your pennies! • Four new articles will appear on RoyHarris.com on Monday morning, January 23rd. Please check them out when you have time! • For those of you who are interested in using the new EFT system at the academy, there are a few forms in the reception area of the academy. • There will be a sale on private lesson during the week of February 6 through February10. All private lessons, one hour in length will be reduced to $80 per hour. Well, that about wraps things up for January. I will have more news for you when I return from Sweden and Poland. Sincerely, Roy Harris © Harris International 2006

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