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2/3/06 10:07 AM
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john Smithson
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Hello members, My name is John Smithson I was searching for detailes about African martial arts and I found the link below. http://ejmas.com/jalt/2006jalt/jcsart_Svinth_0106.html This group Mukhanda Enterprise has a wealth of information about African martial arts, they can be contacted on Mashera76@yahoo.com . They are currently working on a website, I was interestred to see that they will also have videos of full contact Dambe fights for sale online when the site is finished, for those who don't know Dambe is the empty hand system from the Hausa tribe of Nigeria. They will also be opening a school teaching Mani the Afr-Cuban martial similar to CAPOEIRA but more combative with emphasis on punching, palm strikes, headbutts and elbows. John Smithson
2/22/06 8:16 PM
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Grin Socker
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I will be sure to contact them.
9/14/06 4:17 PM
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African Kickboxing www.amaa.8m.com
9/21/06 11:24 PM
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Edward Powe, Ph.D did several excellent books on the african martial arts. His website is http://www.blacfoundation.org He has a new book out from his research in India. His contact info is below: Well my "Hanuman's Warriors" is hot off the press. It costs $35 (B&W) and the color copy costs $150. There is also a shipping and handling charge of $6 for either book. The following is a brief description. Title: BMA VI: Hanuman's Warriors in Tamil Nadu & Southern Kerala Description - This volume, a sequel to my "Dravidian Displays of Daring", comprises Book VI of the Black Martial Arts series. The first 60 pages of the book deal with Hanuman, the Hindu "patron god of martial artists and gymnasts" and the remaining pages present five Dravidian martial arts closely associated with the Monkey God and his descendants that are still practiced enthusiastically by his partisans in Tamil Nadu and Southern Kerala, namely: 1) silambam; 2) southern kalarippayattu; 3) northern kalarippayattu; 4) mallar kambam; and 5) sadugudu (kabbadi). The chapters dealing with silambam and mallar kambam are greatly expanded and updated treatments of what was presented in Book V; and the material on Southern Kalari, Northern Kalari, and Kabbadi are completely new as are all the photos in the book. This volume with its 365 pages, 359 photos and an optional DVD, is perhaps the most comprehensive presentation yet dealing with the Dravidian Martial Arts of Southern India. Those interested should send a money order to: Edward L. Powe 530 W Johnson St. #202 Madison, WI 53703

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