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2/20/06 6:21 AM
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C Drake
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Upon the move back to Utah Zen Fitness the official company and site will begin. I will still of course do one on one training and specialized training etc for strongman or people like Pbradish etc who have specific needs. That will never change. However a few years down the line "Zen Fitness" will be a fully functioning training emporium for all aspects. We will cover yoga, joint mobility exercise, meditation, Olympic lifting, strongman training, martial arts, and other natural therapies. However the classes I will be offering at different schools of internal and external arts would remind some of a aerobics type structure. But at the same time completely different. Plyometrics, OLY movements, DB swings and bodyweight exercises will be common place in a metabolic conditioning range 2-3 days a week with one day of heavy movements, and joint mobility and wellness incorporated everyday for 20 minutes no matter what the class. Mid week will always be meditation, active recovery days. As important of a day as any other, if not the most important. Common place amongst martial artist and athletes in weight classes and most women is the wanting to get stronger yet not get bigger. That will be our main focus at the same time eliminating body fat, and enhancing all aspects of physical and mental fitness through a number of modalities. As for the seminars themselves, 3 hours will be the norm, however if it needs to be four due to questions I have no problem with that so everyone can learn from the experience and be wanting to learn more as they leave. Lifting and the common fears and fallacies behind it will be covered along with brief introductions to metabolic conditioning etc and how it can be used for no matter what your goals are. Joint mobility. Use it or loose it. All to common nowadays are the lifters who loose flexibility as they stronger or bigger. Not to mention loss of mobility is common pace for a injury waiting to happen. It is also useful in inducing endorphins for a naturally great feeling and leaves you feeling refreshed even upon the end of a exhausting workout. Nutrition- The most basic you probably will ever here, yet at the same time many facts that a lot of people have no idea about such as fish oil studies, ashwaghanda, and a multi vitamin. Many people along with a proper diet will never need anything other than those simple things for disease prevention, stabilization of hormone levels even during menopause, and the effects of healthy hair, nails, and skin. Eye site and neurological problems as well. Dispelling the myths of fats and carbs, the truth that the public rarely knows, and how in the long run it could cause major structural damage on many facets of the body and its systems. Incorporating it into everyday life, questions and answers etc will all be covered at the end. I bring my own equipment along with other people experienced in my routines and take home packets for everyone on general health benefits etc. Prices will be extremely affordable and I can do up to three in a single day if need be. If interested shoot me a email at cassidydrake76@yahoo.com or you can contact me on my website www.mmaathletes.com/forum

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