In addition to SBGi Head Coach Matt Thornton, this set includes a host of world class guest Instructors, featuring: Luis Gutierrez (Vice President & resident radical "El Che"), Chris Haueter (BJJ grandmaster & pez dispenser of wisdom), Karl Tanswell (UK Director & fellow lunatic), Adam Singer (world class MMA Coach & Lobby boxer), John Kavanagh (Ireland Director & designated driver), Mike Sweeney (SBGi Business manager & token Canadian), Tom Oberhue (old school SBG & resident square), Steve Whittier (Eastern Regional Director & dry humor specialist), Jeff Wassom (SBGi OG!), Travis Davison (PDX Coach & loveable dickhead), Rick Davison (PDX Coach & windshield boxer), Chris Connelly (representing the dirty south), Rebecca Sweeney (princess of MMA). . . .and many more! PRE ORDER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! (Available only until December 26th! A gift certificate/card will be mailed immeadiatly, suitable for a stocking stuffer or card. The first sets will be mailed in the first half of January. Prices will return to normal after December 26th) The BJJ Set (includes discs 1 – 6) '8 hours of instruction!' All six BJJ DVD's = 199. Pre order special price! = 179.00 The entire DVD set (includes all 9 dvds) 'eleven plus hours of instruction!' All 9 Series #3 DVD's = 269. Pre order special price = 239.00 The set will be available for purchase online at our secure store located at within the next 24 hours. Or you can order immeadiatly by calling Tonie toll free at: 1-888-888-2850 (or 503-280-5245 outside the US). We have already recieved an enormous volume of e-mails and calls regarding this series, so please be patient, Tonie will be checking the voicemail daily and will return all calls and order ASAP.