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3/1/06 9:16 PM
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Good Lord, I'm old. I'm trying to remember the names of two short stories I read when I was in middle school. Maybe some of you well-read young people can help, please. One was the story of a dog who was left with a baby. The child's father comes home to find the house wrecked, blood all over the place, and the baby missing. Parent kills the dog only to figuer out that wolves had done the damage and the dog was actually protecting the baby. The baby was found unharmed in a closet. I think the dogs name was Calaban????? The other story is by Hemingway I THINK. Guy's working in like Alaska and he has to crawl with a rope through a pipe that has been partially clogged by mud. The reader gets claustrophobia(Sp?). Any help with the titles of these stories is greatly appreciated. I'd like to read these stories to my kids. Thanks.
4/24/06 3:53 AM
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