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3/4/06 11:09 AM
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Demitrius Barbito
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It's new and improved. According to me, the status quo in martial arts had much to do with less than functional tactics and training methods, persons training tactics that they would never be able to use in a fight, instructor/hero worship, accepting advice instead of testing advice and believing in some kind of martial magic (tech's that work like magic and always beat an opponent - nothing does that, not even a shotgun). Well the status quo has either developed or evolved into something new. (Developed would mean it was methodical and evolved means it happened by itself with no thought applied - you tell me). GROUPS: This was a problem for me many years ago. I once was a member of an organization. This is always a mistake IMO. I remember me and a number of others getting out of the organization only to watch most of them rejoin another. It fosters MOB think. And when a tenet of the group is questioned you get MOB defense which is a very aggressive attack on the person who asked a question. This can be regarding a specific tech or a DVD production etc. I have talked with many in a certain groups who (like Bruce Lee) really liked the teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Here's one for you: "If you are very clear, if you are inwardly light unto yourself, you will never follow anyone" -- J. Krishnamurti By the way... I don't like Krishnamurti. I was into his stuff for a few years when I was younger. I'm all grown up now. It's fine to show respect to someone and learn from them, even if "they belong to a group". But you do not have to join. OWNERSHIP: I remember talking to someone about "intellectual property" years ago who said that all of her ideas were hers and that basically no one else could think them or pass them on. The funny thing was that I had heard the ideas before she ever said them. The good stuff is obvious to a critical thinker. I guess it's just a matter of who writes it down first, kinda like calling "shotgun" to get the passenger seat in a car. The silly part is how the "owner" of any given thought has become the KNOWER and appearently we must go to the knower for his thought and not have it on our own. MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY: Man has this one come a long way baby... Back in the day it was you must do kung fu or karate in order to be the real deal. Then it became kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do. Then Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Each one of these insisting they are the best. NOW it's the 3 in 1 of boxing/clinch/ground. Which, IMO, has tremendous merit. I wholeheartedly approve of this "as long as" you include weapons, firearms, pre-fight and psychological applications to some degree. For the most part the 3 in 1 peeps don't include much more than the 3 in 1. Also, you have the WWII combatives guys. The concern I have there is that they have a set of "killing (???) tech's" that they never seem to functionalize. You cannot really train ripping someones throat out so how can it become functional. Again, how to you train to rip someones eyes out of their sockets. Boxing would be great training as a delivery system for this type of material but it's rare for my WWII combatives friends to develop their boxing skills. Then there are the GUN GUYS. I love'em. But guns are not magic. They are operator dependent. Training is key. This is probably the largest group who do not get training "ever". Even when they do, they do not routinly practice the material they were trained on in order to make it functional. I don't have enough time to get into the KNIFE GUYS... I think that all of the MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY guys have some good material but they need to talk to eachother. "Simplicity is the last step of art." -Bruce Lee Sorry Bruce, that's dated thinking. Simplicity is the FIRST step of the art (Yes I know better than Bruce Lee). But simplicity doesn't mean "just box and you'll be OK". Simplicity means: Learn simple, high probability empty hand tactics that have good training methods to functionalize them. Know the basics of weapons and firearms. Practice alot. Stay away from groups and politics. Divorce the word "loyalty" from your MARTIAL vocabulary. Don't be freaky and paranoid and sit around trying to figure out what color code of awareness you are on. These are MY opinions. This is how I feel about things. If you don't agree with me that's OK. If you do agree with me that's OK too. I just happened to have 25 minutes of free time this morning for the first time in a long time. Demi www.DemiBarbito.com www.IndependentKoncepts.com
3/6/06 11:15 AM
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Good stuff. Groupthink is a big problem, and I noticed you can usually play 'spot the guru' after a few minutes of talking to new martial artists. BTW - I think every martial artists goes through their guru phase, whether it's Krishnamurti, Bruce Lee, Rickson, among many others. It probably serves well when we are beginners and need that extra support.

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