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3/25/06 4:34 PM
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OK I have a very serious problem that is constantly growing worse as time passes. I have a female friend, who has a hernia and it is growing larger every day! Here is an exerpt from one of her e-mails to me... "well I just got back from my apointmen with the surgion and he said that I definately need to have it taken care of ASAP but he's too scared of the complications that may arise from it considering that I had the 2 gastric bypass surgeries and the one for the incisional abcess plus the size of it is too large for him to handle..." This is not all, she has had a still born as well. and her gull blatter removed. Her insides for the most part are "HASHED" And here is the "Nut Cracker": She is only 22 yrs. old. I care for my female compannion very much and I fear the worst. Now obviously I am no doctor, but I dont need to be to see that she needs medical attention, and like yesterday!. Her hernia has grown to be the size of a small "VOLLY BALL" and is growing every day! She has no way of paying for the surgery, she is INCREDIBLY poor, has NO insurrance, and finding a doc to take her case is next to IMPOSSIBLE! NOT to mention, it brings her unimaginble(sp?) PAIN. Her personallity type is that of a "CARE GIVER", A super human being! She is not warrior, she is not built for PAIN of this magnituded! I want to cry when I see her buckle over from this damn thing and when I leave from seeing her,I scream obsenitties at the heavens cause I am so pissed. I feel incredibly helpless and dont know what to do for her. This is the first person that I have cared for, that as a WARRIOR I can not protect! She has saved my life in the past, and I fear I may not be able to return the favor if need be! We have searched everywhere on the net, for free surgeries or medical help, and we cant find anything. She is getting sicker.... Is there any ideas from anyone out there! Please help Your forum fighting family member in desparite need... ~Cagefighter Aka: Roger Stiner personal e-mail: Roger_Stiner@excite.com

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