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4/8/06 2:34 AM
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http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=20063&cat=&page=1 This video is described as having WARS shows from 1984 onwards but from their official site, WARS was not started until 1992 and it was gloved Karate and not Hokutoki. What exacly is on that DVD? Bout Review's Shu Hirata said that DaDoJuku is the oldest MMA organization in Japan. SHOOTO originally started as Japan Shooting Association after Shodai Tiger Mask Satoru Sayama was fired from the original UWF for pissing off his fellow workers and the office, especially Akira Maeda, in 1985 I believe. DaDoJuku states that it began in 1981 and had their first Hokutoki that year. Bout review in this article in regards to Alex Robert in R.I.S.E. G-Bazooka says that DaDo is Japan's oldest MMA organization (thus making it the longest surviving and the first documented one with recorded sanctioning as the one with ZULU/ and K-1 Brazil promoter Sergio Batarelli still does not have all the info known): http://www.boutreviewusa.com/RingSide/102RISE.html Did the old Hokutoki have rules similar to MMA? If so, then DaDo would have had the first recorded sanctioned MMA fights in 1981.
4/11/06 12:38 AM
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Paul Carroll
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I have absolutely no idea whether the original Daido Juku events had MMA rules matches, but I don't think so. The original WARS events, I believe, were just Karate and Kickboxing matches. It wasn't until their boy was beaten by Royce at UFC did they introduce MMA (Vale Tudo - eg Yamasaki vs Minowa) and grappling in to their events. I believe their last WARS event held a few years ago was Japan vs France and was standard Hokutoki rules and no MMA at all. Take the above for what it's worth (not much).
8/2/06 4:21 PM
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The early wars I have seen have been a mix of different rules. daido fighters vs muaythai fighters under muaythai rules. Daido vs pancrase under pancrase rules and the occational daido vs other style fighter under daido (kudo) rules. I dont know if the earliest event were the same. Yes, the official daido site claims that warsI was held 1992 http://www.daidojuku.com/eng/home/history.html So I realy dont know why they put 1984 on the dvd description. The first Hokutoki used the Kudo rules system (no major changes in the rules has been made since the style was formed) and still do. But while grappling was allowed, it wasnt much used until after they lost the ufc fight. I guess it depends on how you define MMA rules. But even so, Daido is a AMATURE organizartion -not a pro fighter organization. Please ask at www.kyokushin4life.com There are a few guys there who got better info on daido history than I do -some even train daido themselves :-)

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