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4/15/06 2:04 PM
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Roy Harris
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Mid-April 2006 Update I. The two seminars scheduled for this Sunday, April 16 (Advanced Kimura and Edged Weapon Defense) are being postponed (please pass the word). After talking with numerous people and after much thought, I have decided to postpone these two seminars to another weekend. With Easter weekend and everything else that is going on this weekend, I don't think it would be a good idea to host these seminars. I will let you know when I will teach them again. http://www.royharris.com/ seminars/ II. Well, this past weekend I taught three seminars at the Harris Academy (A foot lock seminar, A BJJ Over 40 Seminar and a Pressure Game seminar). All three seminars were well attended. And, I am still receiving RAVE reviews from these seminars. The foot lock seminar had the least amount of participants, only five. However, I gave them a bunch of info they will be training for quite some time. I showed them the techniques and the training methods I used to develop a strong foot lock game: Something I was known for throughout the entire BJJ community in the early and middle 1990's. The second BJJ over 40 seminar was a second success! There were only nine people in attendance, but these nine people were treated to some really good information: Information NOT found on the new DVD instructional, BJJ Over 40; Information they can use to lower the amount of energy they expend to accomplish their goals and help them remain injury-free. The most memorable seminar, for me anyways, was the Pressure Game seminar. In that seminar, I not only taught participants how to apply and use pressure from a couple of the TOP positions, but I also taught them my famous CHEST LOCK! As soon as I had finished teaching them the last subtle detail on applying the chest lock, I heard the sounds of hideous chuckles and saw evil grins on many of their faces. I told them, "I can tell by looking at your faces that you plan on using this newfound knowledge on one specific person at your academy." They all laughed in agreement! Looks like I will have more "Over 40" and "Pressure Game" seminars later on in the year! III. This past month, I was going through some of my older saved documents and found a few accolades that I had forgotten about. Well, I decided to put a few of these accolades up on my website for you to read. You can find them here: http://www.royharris.com/corner/? sec=42 IV. This past week's training in the JKD classes was interesting. We changed out focus to realistic defenses against a knife. After putting the student through a series of close quarter defenses where they would have to engage the knife for an extended period of time, I put each of them through a very interesting emotional examination: I attacked them non-stop for 45 to 60 seconds with a ShocKnife (http://www.shocknife.com/video.html). I put the settings on a medium level and then assaulted them at the specified angles they had trained. I also changed angles every now and then to keep them on their toes. Some got cut while others did not. However, their emotions were charged high (because no one wanted to be shocked by the knife). This knife is a GREAT training tool!!! Right now, the knife is only available to law enforcement and military personnel. Once they come out with a civilian version of the knife, it will be available to martial artists around the globe. I can't say enough good things about the knife. It is sturdy and easy to wield. The battery in it lasts for quite awhile. I have had the knife since January and have trained with it for well over two hours, yet it still packs a good punch when it touches you! Over the next month or so, I plan to continue more training with the ShocKnife. I know it will make a difference in my JKD students edged weapons defenses! V. I am in the process of having some new artwork drawn up for Harris International. A former student, Mr. Ryan Lastimosa, has volunteered to draw us some new artwork. I look forward to presenting this new artwork to you in early May. I will have new tee-shirts by then. VI. We begin filming a new instructional DVD for academy students this next week. This new instructional will focus on the Basics of each of the systems we teach at our academy: 1) Jeet Kune Do, 2) Filipino Martial Arts, 3) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 4) Kalis Ilustrisimo and 5) Fitness. There will also be a special section on self-defense, streetfighting and reading people! The new instructional will be two hours in length. It will cover 91 techniques and training methods in all. It will be available, FREE OF CHARGE, for all academy students in early June 2006. It will also be available for sale in early June to those who do not train at the Harris Academy and are curious about the basics of the various systems. Well, that's it for mid-April. I'll have more news for you when I return from my end of the month seminars in Erie, Pennsylvania, Poznan, Poland and Obertshausen, Germany. Roy Harris

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