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Roy Harris >> Use of the cloth in training...

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5/3/06 1:55 PM
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Roy Harris
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In an earlier post, someone asked the question about the difference between gi and no gi training. It is under the thread entitled "Roy Kimono Paradox?" Well, I wanted to start another thread about cloth fighting. Here are a few extra comments on using the cloth to your advantage: When it comes to the use of cloth in grappling, there are three considerations: 1. Can one use the cloth to their advantage? 2. If so, what "exactly" is allowed? 3. How much cloth is there to grab or manipulate? In BJJ and Judo, cloth grabbing is allowed.......but it is not legal to use certain parts of the cloth. It is also not legal to use all parts of the cloth on all parts of the body. For example, one cannot use the belt and wrap it around their opponent's neck to strangle them. So, when it comes to using the cloth against an opponent, the three questions above really determine how it can be used to an advantage. Also, it does not matter what kind of cloth there is. A tee-shirt will work just as well as a gi, and, it can accomplish the exact same objectives. However, many do not know how to train this aspect - because they usually end up tearing each others tee-shirts, and, because this kind of training is not generally accepted. From time to time, when I grapple with my students, I use every part of the gi (or tee-shirt) to my advantage. I will wrap the belt around a student's ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders and neck. I will also use the bottom of the jacket to entange the student's arms, head and neck. Heck, I have even used the strings on a student's wrestling shoes to tie them in knots ; ) Of course, I am just having fun when I do this. However, I am also training a part of the cloth training I received from Indonesian Silat. So, when it comes to using the cloth, here are my suggestions: 1. Be creative. 2. Have fun. 3. Tie your opponent's up into knots! Enjoy! Roy

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