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5/10/06 6:11 PM
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Ger O'Dea
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The PDR 13 experience I had the awesome privilege and good fortune to attend the PDR ID course this weekend in Montreal. I for one, and some of my fellow first-timers I think, were drinking from the proverbial fire-hose as we grappled with the refreshing depth and breadth of the SPEAR system and PDR fundamental concepts. At times even the humour seemed too much... Tony Torres delivered an excellent course, consistently leading us to discover 'the magic of the SPEAR System' in many different ways and on several levels. He offered tough feedback on our group's understanding of the pre-load material and was at pains to ensure we took as much as possible from the weekend. Our time with Coach Blauer was as one could expect - challenging, inspiring and ultimately filled with meaning and substance on multiple levels. Coach Blauer has developed a system super-charged with credibility and fuelled by the desire to help real people to be safer on the streets. The basis is sound. The knowledge goes deep. The PDR/SPEAR training methods are challenging and at times brutally revealing. Where I'm from, it is said that "It's not a delay to stop and sharpen the scythe" - and this to some extent sums up the PDR programme for me - indeed in my case it has felt like discovering the scythe and the whetstone for the first time. Thanks to Coach Blauer, Tony Torres and the whole BTS team for all their work in delivering an excellent weekend. Looking forward to my next training opportunity already. Regards, Gerard
5/16/06 1:52 PM
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Tony Torres
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Edited: 16-May-06
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Thanks for the very nice comments Gerard! The latest PDR session was amazing. However you forgot something very important. What always makes the PDR sessions so incredible is the attendees. People like you that have the dedication, integrity, and desire to make your students safer during violent confrontations as well as live richer lives as they learn how fear affects their performance in any arena. The tools learned at the PDR affect everyone you will come in contact with. I consider myself one of the luckiest individuals in the world. I have what I consider the coolest job in the world thanks to Coach Blauer and the SPEAR System. It allows me to meet groups, like the one from the recent PDR session, that share a passion to help their fellow man stay safe. However I did not accomplish anything that weekend by myself. As a matter of fact I am only one small part of the team. Coach Blauer's constant guidance and advice are key to what the PDR team is. Marc and Patricia did plenty of logistics work behind the scenes. Tom and Dana Arcuri are literally the life blood of the program. Although they couldn't be in Montreal for the full session, it was their hard work and deidication on the several days prior that made the event a success. They are the force behind almost all the previous PDR sessions as well. They truly deserve the credit. In short, it was our priviledge and our honor to have been able to help now and we will be more than happy to help in the future. I look forward to seeing you at another session soon. Tony Torres Blauer Tactical Systems torres@blauertactical.com
5/24/06 10:52 PM
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I just got done typing my 25 PAGES of notes from PDR 13, so yeah, I think I learned a little bit from my PDR experience =D Seriously I learned a ton of material. It was both a demoralizing and invigorating experience. Demoralizing because what I thought I was teaching as good self-defense was not as good as it could be. Invigorating because the psychology and concepts taught by Coach Blauer and his team are fantastic in their practicality and applicability, not only for self-defense but also for combat sports like submission wrestling, BJJ, muay thai, and MMA. PDR 13 was well run, professional, and educational. If you want to see real self-defense concepts backed by intelligent discussion and research this is the place for you. I'm pretty sure we spent 15 hours on the first 15 seconds of a fight without ever doing a technique. What?!? No techniques! Its not about that, techniques are complex skills unsuitable for teaching the average person self-defense. Ever try to balance your checkbook while sprinting on a treadmill or making a phone call after a traffice accident? Imagine mental blocks like those when someone is trying to rip your head off, will complex fight skills work? But 15 hours on 15 seconds, that's ridiculous! Not really, most real self-defense situations are short and the hardest part for ANYONE is getting over the paradigm shift of going from 0-60 in a fight. It even happens in a ring, imagine when it comes unannounced in your home or the street. I also had a thoroughly enjoyable time meeting new folks like Gerard and the rest of the PDR trainees. Montreal is a cool town but unfortunately I got back to my hotel in information overload each night and fell asleep with occasional nightmare of Tony Torres or Tony Blauer asking me questions I couldn't answer. Thanks to the whole BTS and PDR crew who made this possible as mentioned by Tony T above. Please excuse rambling and spelling, I've been on call, Mike Aref
5/28/06 10:14 AM
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Mark Gavin
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I can't give enough credit and express enough thanks to BTMS for the best PDR to date (My first one, so I am biased). I'm trying to absorb the info. and am coaching a couple of my friends and getting feedback as to how clear I give them the info. I have to admit I am keeping it very simple and cant wait to return to another PDR and looking forward to attending some advanced classes. I have studied alot of self defense systems and in my humble opinion Tony Blauer has hit the nail on the head, The S.P.E.A.R system addresses all tools needed in a real confrontation not only in the street but in everyday life. God Bless you all, Mark

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